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[BETA] Ultimate profile mod

Started by JovanT, July 19, 2007, 05:26:00 PM

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Ultimate profile mod 0.8.5

- About me, interests & media box
- Organizable buddy list
- Approval of buddies
- Profile pictures
- Profile comments
- Picture comments
- Customizable look & feel

This modification is inspired by SMdot™'s MySpace profile idea. It doesn't require any other modification. Currently, it changes seven files:
- Sources/Profile.php
- Themes/default/Profile.template.php
- Sources/ModSettings.php
- Sources/ManagePermissions.php
- Sources/Subs-Members.php
- Themes/default/Modifications.english.php
- index.php

Users can choose whether they want to have this customized profile or just plain, ordinary one. They can enter About me & My Interests texts which can be formatted using BB code. Also, they can input HTML & CSS code in special text area and customize look of their profile (They can add background picture, change font, size and color of text as well as other elements). This modification allows them to upload their own pictures which are then showed in their profile and can be organized in albums. Other users can post comments on someones profile or pictures.

Administrators can choose whether they want to enable pictures and customization of profiles. Also, they can turn on ultimate profiles for all forum users.

Users can disable comments for their profiles or restrict new comments only to their buddies. Pictures can be shown to all users or only to buddies.

Notice: this modification is still BETA. I've tested it on fresh SMF 1.1.5 installation and it works without errors so I'm using it on my live site. If you find any errors or bugs, please post it here.


Support forum:
FAQ: (please read before posting your question!)


version 0.8.5
- new features:
    - picture albums
    - support for unlimited number of pictures
    - permission for editing ultimate profile
    - comment reply option
    - better Unicode support
    - pending buddy requests
    - sorting buddies should work a lot better
- fixed bugs:
    - when a user is deleted, buddy lists are updated
    - user won't get notifications when commenting his own profile/picture
    - display names are now shown instead of usernames in PM notifications
    - pictures with "&" in filename can now be uploaded without errors

version 0.8
- new features:
    - picture comments
    - better profile pictures navigation
    - report profile to admins
    - better HTML filtering
    - organization of buddies
    - buddy approval system

version 0.7.1
- fixed bugs:
   - avatar size in buddy list
- new features:
    - users can make their profile private
    - Serbian translation

version 0.7
- new features:
    - administration options
    - user options (disable comments, only buddies can post comments / view pictures)
    - media box
    - notification on new comment
- fixed bugs:
    - HTML filtering
    - online status & date in comments
- file CustomProfile.template.php renamed to UltimateProfile.template.php to avoid confusion with some other mods

version 0.6
- initial release




hu.. sir.. I need help.. via yahoo messnger.. I will be happy..

Check ur messages box please.


I have uploaded new version of my mod: 0.6.1. It contains few bug fixes so I recommend updating. Location for download is same.

Miles Marshall

Need Computer Help? Just want to chat? Come on over!
"I tried to fix the world but they wouldn't give me the source code"



I actually like this one slightly better than Snake Plissken's.  It just seems a bit more slick and organized for detail.

Good job :)

Flying Drupalist

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare customized() (previously declared in /home/.luther/generalsun/miydai/Sources/Profile.php:2668) in /home/.luther/generalsun/miydai/Sources/Profile.php on line 2926

Yikes! My version's hardly clean though...

1.     nneonneo's AJAX ShoutBox     1.06     [ Uninstall ]
2.    VisualWarning    1.32    [ Uninstall ]
3.    SMF Links    1.6.3    [ Uninstall ]
4.    Users Online Today Mod    1.4.0    [ Uninstall ]
5.    Tagging System    1.0.3    [ Uninstall ]
6.    Invite    1.14    [ Uninstall ]
7.    View Only Boards    1.1    [ Uninstall ]
8.    SMF Staff Page    1.5.1    [ Uninstall ]
9.    SMF Arcade    2.0.8    [ Uninstall ]
10.    Karma Description Mod    2.3    [ Uninstall ]
11.    Reg Bar    1.0    [ Uninstall ]
12.    Global Headers Footers    1.3    [ Uninstall ]
13.    Related Topics    1.1.1    [ Uninstall ]
14.    Member Color Link    2.0.0    [ Uninstall ]
15.    Custom Profile Field Mod    3.16    [ Uninstall ]
16.    Profile Comments    1.2.1    [ Uninstall ]
17.    Profile Music    1.0    [ Uninstall ]
18.    Female Avatars Extra    5.0    [ Uninstall ]
19.    Group on Registration    1.1.1    [ Uninstall ]
20.    SMFShop    3.0    [ Uninstall ]
21.    SMF Sitemap    1.1.3    [ Uninstall ]
22.    Signature Settings Mod    1.0    [ Uninstall ]
23.    Who Voted What?    1.1.2    [ Uninstall ]
24.    ssi_boardNews Multiple Boards    1.0    [ Uninstall ]
25.    Board News    1.0    [ Uninstall ]
26.    Member Awards    1.0.2    [ Uninstall ]
27.    MessagePreviewOnHover    1.5    [ Uninstall ]
28.    Additional Membergroups on Profile    1.0    [ Uninstall ]
29.    Sticky First Post (extends sticky topic)    1.3.2    [ Uninstall ]
30.    Profil Moderator Managment    1.0.0    [ Uninstall ]
31.    Show Multiple Badges (Aka Stars)    1.0    [ Uninstall ]
32.    Global Announcements    1.0    [ Uninstall ]
33.    FlashChat Integration    1.0    [ Uninstall ]
34.    SMF 1.0.11 / 1.1.3 Update    1.1    [ Uninstall ]
35.    Topic description    1.1    [ Uninstall ]
36.    SSI Topic and Replies    0.1    [ Uninstall ]
37.    SMFChess    0.1    [ Uninstall ]
38.    SMFBlog    0.1 Beta    [ Uninstall ]
39.    YouTube BBC Tag (XHTML Compliant)    1.0    [ Uninstall ]
40.    Ultimate Profile    0.6.1    [ Uninstall ]

Should I uninstall something?

Miles Marshall

16.    Profile Comments    1.2.1    [ Uninstall ]
Need Computer Help? Just want to chat? Come on over!
"I tried to fix the world but they wouldn't give me the source code"


Flying Drupalist

Gah that has no uninstall file... Now what do I do.

Miles Marshall

Need Computer Help? Just want to chat? Come on over!
"I tried to fix the world but they wouldn't give me the source code"




I've tested profile comments mod and it seems there is no conflict between that and mine mod. Problem occurs in the database. To solve that problem, just add new column called "time" in the prefix_profile_comments table.

It seems that some other mod you have installed uses function called "customized" in your Sources/Profile.php file. If you send me that file, I will try to figure what mod is causing this conflict. My email is same as my Yahoo! messanger contact.

Flying Drupalist


I've looked at your Profile.php and I couldn't find what seems to be a problem. Can you tell me what happens when you try to install my mod? Can you install it without any errors?

Where you get that "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare customized()"?

Flying Drupalist

All seems fine when I try to install your mod. But when I go to a profile page I get that error, again:
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare customized() (previously declared in /home/.luther/generalsun/miydai/Sources/Profile.php:2668) in /home/.luther/generalsun/miydai/Sources/Profile.php on line 2926

The profile.php I sent you was the version without your mod... I'll send the one with your mod applied...


It looks like you installed my mod twice. All modifications are double. What happens when you try to uninstall my mod?

Flying Drupalist

It gives me no errors. I did uninstall your mod and put up a backup profile.php and when I tried to send you the after-install profile I installed it again.


Oh, good mod. Thanks.
Some comments here.
0. First i install via package manager, it shown installed successsful. But only for transfer customprofile.template.php only and modified database.I must to modified the others manually , not sure what's the cause.
1. If anyone not change permission for "profile_pictures" dir (by manual) , the picture not show but only title instead.
2. No way to delete the picture title that error from 1. Must be going to dababase directly.
smf 1.1.2 with dilbermc themes.
> 50 mods installed.


How about moving About Me and My interests to the left side, and making comments take up only half the width on the right side?



1. That depends from settings of your system. On most server, you don't need to change permission. However, if you have problems, you can chmod profile_pictures to 0777.

2. You can't delete picture title? If you try to delete picture, my mod will delete picture files as well as database entries. Maybe you've installed old version of my mod that had a bug with deleting pictures. Try to uninstall my mod, download the latest version and install it again. That should help.

I think that the left side is allready much longer than the right side. But, if you wish, you can always manually change CustomProfile.template.php.