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Ultimate Avatar Pack

Started by shadow82x, July 22, 2007, 10:58:15 AM

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Link to Mod

Features a lot of cool avatars for all ages. It has cool designs that your users will love too.

- 18 avatars
- Read Me


Edited: 11/17/08 - I fixed the corrupt package and reuploaded all the avatars. If you need help ask at or in the given topic.

UAP is short for Ultimate Avatar Pack

Egad Graphics Team
Colin B
Former Spammer, Customize, & Support Team Member


Something is not right with this. Not too sure if unsafe. ummm. Error after download, tried 3 times.

No zip file, bad zip file, or part of a spanned/split zip file.
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I get this error message when trying to upload:

The package you tried to upload either is not a valid package or has become corrupted.

SMF 2.0
TP 1.0 RC1.1
Wordpress 3.1.3


Sorry when the site went down (Server Crash) I suppose these avatars went down. I will try to find a site presently using them and repackage it.
Colin B
Former Spammer, Customize, & Support Team Member

HAL 9000

As of todays date, this package is still unusable, shame.


Hello All,
I was able to restore the missing avatars and I fixed up the installer to work for all SMF versions. (And for the future)

You may download the mod @

Colin B
Former Spammer, Customize, & Support Team Member