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Redirection Boards

Started by Oldiesmann, October 18, 2004, 07:01:58 AM

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I installed the package in the first post of the thread and no errors but when i try it out, Firefox gives an error that the server is trying redirect to a page in a way that will never complete.

Carlos Faria

Quote from: [T]uGa [M]aSter on July 08, 2010, 03:38:14 PM
I need help ...

I've been changing the code BoardIndex.template.php and managed to put "--" for messages, but can not put "--" in the topics. Someone help me?


SMF 1.1.11

BoardIndex.template.php is annexed.




A version for SMF 2.0 RC3 is planned?
Bruno36 the French
SMF 2.0.9


Quote from: Bruno36 on September 26, 2010, 03:26:18 AM

A version for SMF 2.0 RC3 is planned?

why, when it's built into 2.0 series anyway?


If the forum contains messages that is not possible

QuoteRedirect a web address
Note: the section should be empty of topics to enable this option.
Bruno36 the French
SMF 2.0.9


then u create a new board in place of the old one and hide or delete the old one


Hello Oldiesmann, Nice Mod ...  8)

Trying to install this on 1.1.12 .... Not seeing some of the lines of codes in my files...
Can you take a look at my files... and maybe add your code ..

Thank in Advance
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I have loaded this into packages and i cant find it in my admin panel.


I've successfully installed the Redirection Boards mod through "Packages" in the Admin Control Panel. After reading some of the past posts, I pose some questions upon the community to help answer. I'm using SMF 1.1.13 with the theme Circir 1.1.5.

After installation, through the "Features and Options" page.. there were no updates to the options available. (According to one post, it is suppose to be near "Override members theme.") Due to the use of an alternate theme, it happens that I am required to manually edit the index.template.php file. While the language file "should" have been edited along with the installation of the mod.

So.. I go into the theme folder and look through the files and fine one named "BoardIndex.template.php" and decide to go through there. I seemed as though I couldn't find any of the lines I was suppose to find. (One post assumes to download the SMF default theme and extract the ModifyBoard.php(?), but what would the steps before that and could I also get a link.)

Continuing on, as I was in the "BoardIndex.template.php" file, I decided to add in the missing lines and tried saving. I gave me an unexpected error, even though it was copy and pasted directly from the primary source.

So, basically.. I kind of want a step-by-step approach on how I could be going about this.. while running SMF 1.1.13 with the theme Circir 1.1.5. Thank you very much.


Can anyone give support for this mod, please and thank you.


I just downloaded this mod, and install it in my forum 1.1.11 version, and works perfectly well.

My question, if I may - is there a way to cloak the url of the forwarded URL?




Works with 1.1.15 update but i have this in the error log:

8: Undefined index:  redirected_clicks
Fichier: /Themes/default/BoardIndex.template.php (main sub template - eval?)
Ligne: 198

Any idea of the problem?

Nobody interested to update the mod to 1.1.15 version?
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