Started by Bloc, July 29, 2007, 04:34:21 PM

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Link to the theme

Scribbles 2 is an answer to some of the shortcomings of the original Scribbles theme. This time the menu is fully adaptable to new menu items and there are also a few other enhancements included.


  • Supports both SMF 1.1.x and Tinyportal v0.9.x, just ONE theme for both versions
  • Support for many mods, namely:

    • TinyPortal 0.9.8
    • Users Online Today 1.4
    • SMF Arcade 2.0.8
    • Ultimate Shoutbox 1.40
    • SMF Gallery Lite 1.7.4
    • Ad Management 2.3
    • Googlebots & Spiders 2.0.3
    • Global Announcements 1.0
    • Custom Profile Field 3.16
    • Redirection Boards 2.01
    • SMF Shop 3.0
    • Sticky First Post 1.3.2
  • custom pages through templates
  • Top menu that reflect custom pages and/or normal links

The support for mods is turned on/off for each mod inside "current theme settings". Note that the theme only adds code/buttons for the mods to work, NOT the actual mod itself. Be sure to install the mod(s) before turning on support for them.


I just grabbed this theme over at Tiny Portal the other day. It is perfect for my family site. Really impressed as it works with some great mods.

I am a bit confused on the top links. Forum | Home | Custom | TP

In the current theme I can create my own direct links by typing ",Google,link"

But is it possible to remove the link for Forum, it points to ?action=forum. We just want to put direct links to sites up top and not use the custom folder. When I remove all the text but the one I create Forum is always there.


Very nice design Bloc. I've really liked it.
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Ok, wasn't sure how to get rid of the Forum link, but what I did was create a forum template under the pages directory and in the php page I just used a php redirect so that it redirects to the forum homepage. It worked, so I was able to just then add my other standard links after.


with the link "?action=forum " at the top, I get an Interna Server Error page ... normal?

Another thing, for subsection forum :

the background don't take all the width of the board tab. normal? :)


Yes..don't use the upper forum link for now, I am working on a fix for that.


got this theme on my forum but i'm wondering how to change the text


on the top menu to make it read "gallery" and point to a different url?




If you want to make custom links that point to a url you need to change the theme settings.

In Admin click on Custom Theme, you will see a box that says Custom Pages. You can remove the default links from that box.

To make one or more custom links you do this:,Name you want the link,link|,Name you want for the second link,link|etc.....

After each link you make be sure to add the |

By doing the above you can create links to urls. This area is also used for custom pages, I don't have a need for custom pages right now so I am not much help there.


thanks, didnt see that box before hand


Yea, nice job on the theme...and, compared to some of the other free themes, the gallery mod installed nicely. 


Quote from: Bloc on August 05, 2007, 01:53:02 PM
Yes..don't use the upper forum link for now, I am working on a fix for that.

Have you managed to fix that Bloc?


btw, where can I go to increase the font of say, the admin words, or the words of the board and forum.  I know it's in style, but I can't find where to edit it.

some more suggestions.

1) Right now, the position of the child board seems...out of place.  Might want to consider moving it a little more in

2) Is there a place where I can put the forum logo?

3) Is there a way you can make the "new post" indication brighter?  The light green tend to blend into the bg

4) Is there a way to give sticky posts a boldness to it?  To make it more stand out

Some guidance would be most helpful :D


Scribbles 2 have been updated with a few fixes, namely:

- go up/down was not working inside topics
- pages links on the bottom were missing inside topics
- custom pages gave an 404 error if a wrong item was entered
- Some of mod support were acting wrong
- sticky topics are now shown as default theme


Is it at version 1.4 now?  WHat are the process of upgrading?  Do I just file overwrite?


Its working on 1.1.4 without any changes needed. There are however some theme corrections generally, if you have an old version of Scribbles2 just overwrite the files.


Does the new version have a fix for the "Forum" link at the top of the page that goes to nowhere?


Well, yes..but the easiest way is to simply remove the link. You can do that in "admin / current theme settings".


I love this theme, Scribbles and we have now just updated to Scribbles2.

One problem tho' with the smiley sets, is it a glitch?

The board itself uses 3 different themes for its different sections. We've made a new set of smilies, and it's working great in the other sections (themes) but not on Scribbles2, which is our main theme (our main section uses it as well as our portal).

You can view it at Bravda [nofollow].

We uploaded the new smiley folder containing the images in the main system's folder, and did the necessary changes in the Admin panel (Smileys ...). And, as I said, they are working ok in the two other themes.

Is there another way to do it for Scribbles2 or are we just having a (collective) blonde moment here?!


Thanks for your attention.


Never mind, it WAS a blonde moment...

(Had forgot the option in theme settings!)


I know this theme was updated to include smfarcade 2.0.8 for the code/button.Should it still work for smfarcade 2.0.11?

Duh.I figured it out once I tested the