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min words / post

Started by pirat3, July 30, 2007, 11:55:49 PM

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I was trying to get this outdated mod to work on 1.1.2

I couldnt figure it out the guy on the 2nd page told me to find

$txt['not_done_continue'] = 'Continue';

and add with

$txt['core_configuration'] = 'Core Configuration';
$txt['other_configuration'] = 'Feature Configuration';
$txt['caching_settings'] = 'Caching';
$txt['minWordLen'] = 'Minimum words per post';
$txt['minWordLen_zero'] = '0 for no minimum.';
$txt['minWordLen_words'] = 'words';
$txt['minChar'] = 'Minimum characters per post';
$txt['minChar_zero'] = '0 for no minimum.';
$txt['minChar_chars'] = 'characters';

But i cant find the option anywhere, can anyone help convert this for 1.1.2?