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Visual Warning Mod

Started by Eleglin, July 31, 2007, 08:53:40 AM

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It's a fresh installation or an update ?
Have you done a manual ou an automatic installation ?
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I've done a manual installation the first time round as 2 of the tests(ManagePermissions.php and Load.php) by package manager failed and it leads me to a 500 internal server error even though I have followed exactly to the readme file instructions enclosed in the zipped folder.

I'm doing a re-installation now for this time round(2nd time) through the package manager coz I heard my friend advising me to try going ahead with installing via package manager even tho those 2 tests failed and later correct only the 2 failed tests files accordingly to the mod file.Before I actually do my re-install,I have re-uploaded my original backup files back into their original positions to overwrite those specific modified php files from my first execution/installation and cleared away the smf_vwarning in my database and all those images installed on my server.

This time,I'm plagued with this error and I dunno where this error comes from.Pls kindly advise on how to resolve this error.Thanks alot!

King Steph1

That worked, thanks :D
But the warn button is supposed to appear next to posts?


The warn button should be displayed on the action bar along with reply, modify etc...

King Steph1

There is no new button on my forum..


The staff at TinyPortal Admin Resources would like to know if we can add your module to the download section of our forum.

Please let us know.


ES23 :
Backup your database and the files
Reupload the backup files. (the backup before the first installation)
Reupload the database (the backup before the first installation)
and then try a manual installation.

Brianjw :
I'm not the original author. You should ask to Grudge.

King Steph :
You use an other theme or language ? if so, please install the mod in the correct files.
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I´m working on my pc. installed the mod in one forum with not so many mod  installed, it intsalled without errors and everythings seems working fine. In the other, teste failed on karma.php and subs.php so I edited the mod so it won´t installed that two files and I did the modifications on this 2 files manually. On the features and options on the admin panel should apper a tab to warnings mod config, but it don´t appear. I can add the link on the browser and it works.

8: Undefined index: visual_warning_mod
File: C:\.....\Sources\ModSettings.php
Line: 167

this error is showed on the log.
and here´s the line 167:
         'invite' => array(
            'title' => $txt['invite_title'],
            'href' => $scripturl . '?action=featuresettings;sa=invite;sesc=' . $context['session_id'],
         'karma' => array(
            'title' => $txt['smf293'],
            'href' => $scripturl . '?action=featuresettings;sa=karma;sesc=' . $context['session_id'],
                         'visualwarning' => array(
   167---         'title' => $txt['visual_warning_mod'],
            'href' => $scripturl . '?action=featuresettings;sa=visualwarning;sesc=' . $context['session_id'],
            'is_last' => true,

why the link is not showed? it even didn´t gave error in this modsettings file. the subs.php can be related to this problem?


Are you use UTF8 or an other language ?
Don't forget to add the codes in these files

You don't use default theme ?
Don't forget to install the mods on the files.

I think you have an error because you haven't install the codes on the languages files you use
As a consequence : $txt['visual_warning_mod'] is empty and you have an error.
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well, I´m using default theme and the default language. will compare the modifications on language files on the 2 sites(the one working and the one with the prob)


haha nice error I checked the modification.english file and it added the first line of this warning mod on the line of a comment of other mod so the variable didn´t get the name hehe. thanks for the help


Quote from: StarWars Fan on August 03, 2007, 04:23:06 PM
Hi - I get errors similar to this during Maintenance - any ideas?  :-[

The following errors are fouling up your forum:
Topic #34107 has the last message ID 172219, which is incorrect.
Topic #34129 has the last message ID 172266, which is incorrect.

Would you like to fix these errors?

It's not important, I think.
When you approve the message, it adds it on the good topic but ("maybe") don't make it as the last message ? I'm not sure but I suppose so.
Well, when somebody answers, it fixs the "bug" which seems to be very minor ;)
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King Steph1

It's ok I have fixed the problem :)


I installed but no effects? :S Using AA New Damage TP


As I have said on previous posts, if you don't use the default theme, you must install manually this mod in the customized theme.
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I want to Install the Mod but I get the error massage ./Sources/Load.php   Test failed


Hello Mates,
it's happened something of amazing.
I was testing this mod, locally, browsing the SMF with EasyPHP.

I registered a user to make testes called "OompaLoompa"..I logged as admin and banned  OompaLoompa, then logged out and tried to log as OompaLoompa but the SMF, obliviously, says me that i'm banned. And until now all okay.

The "little" problem is that when tried to join as admin, the SMF says me that i'm banned!!! LOL :D

This because OompaLoompa and the Admin has got the same ip.

So damn can i join to my forum as admin?!



ok dudes, i've solved simply empting the Cache and the Cookies on my Firefox :)

Eleglin what about adding any solution for this little problem? :)

However great mod.



Oh a question,
i can't find the menu that appears in this pic;mod=878;id=37313;image



The problem don't come from this mod, I think.
As far as I know, you can ban yourself without the need of Visual Warning (with the classic ban management)
This should be a feature in SMF.

Edit : If you don't say that is your SMF version, I can not help you to find this ;)
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yes sorry Eleglin!

However i use SMF 1.1.3