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Hot Summer Advertising Special

Started by 青山 素子, August 01, 2007, 01:36:26 AM

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青山 素子

We must have gone crazy from the heat when we came up with this deal! It's so hot, it sizzles!

For the month of August, whenever you pay for a advertisement campaign on the SMF website, we'll automatically add 50% of the impressions and time you paid for to your campaign for free.

Yes, that's right. Free.

For example, buy 100,000 impressions with a 30 day length, and we'll add 50,000 impressions and an extra 15 days, a $40 value. Or buy 200,000 impressions for 60 days and get 100,000 impressions and a whole extra month for free. That is a $69.99 value! The savings increase the higher you go.

Still not convinced? What is the catch, you ask? There is none! We simply want you to be satisified that you are getting value in advertising with us. Serious!

Be warned, this offer is so crazy, we can only offer it until August 31.

Act now before this deal is gone.
Director, Simple Machines

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