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[theme] Juno (SMF v1.0.5 - 1.1RC2)

Started by bloc, October 27, 2004, 08:31:31 PM

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Oldiesmann (yes, I really do have that many themes on that board - a total of 68 including the default and classic themes :))
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Hey Bloc:
I must say that you do great work and should be proud of yourself.

I really like the Juno theme......all your others are great too.

I need to ask you a there a way I could add a small banner at the top  right next to the forum title ????
or since I never use the news box (I always use the fader) is it possible to put a banner/image there instead ???? Where would I put the code ????

Any help would be great!!! Thanks.............-X


Thank you. :)

If you find this code in index.template.php:
           // Show a random news item? (or you could pick one from news_lines...)
        if (!empty($settings['enable_news']))
                echo '
                                        <div class="headerbodies" style="padding: 3px; padding-top: 5px; padding-left: 10px;width: 260px; position: relative;  margin-bottom: 8px;">
                                        <span style="text-align: left;" class="smalltext"><b>News</b></span>
                                                <div style="height: 50px; overflow: auto; padding-right: 5px;" class="smalltext">', $context['random_news_line'], '</div>

And just replace that whole code block with:

echo 'yourhtmlcodehere';

You should be able to put whatever you want there.


I really like your buttons and I would like to use them at my website,  but you made some (small) mistakes in the dutch text:
Here I have written the translation for you:

Name of image          Translation in dutch
admin_move.gif ---> Verplaats bericht
admin_remove_poll.gif ---> Verwijder poll
calendarpe.gif ---> Nieuwe gebeurtenis   or you can make it     Post gebeurtenis
delete.gif ---> Verwijderen
delete_selected.gif ---> Verwijder selectie
email.gif ---> E-mail
go_up.gif --> Omhoog
linktocal.gif ---> Koppel bericht aan kalender
markunread.gif ---> Alles ongelezen
new_poll.gif ---> Nieuwe poll
new_topic.gif ---> Nieuw bericht
notify.gif --> Mededeling bij reactie
notify_sm.gif --> Mededeling bij reactie

I would like to ask you if can make an extra button for the membermap (mod by Gobalopper)
In dutch the text would be: Ledenkaart or just Kaart

Thanx, hopefully you can help me!


Is that membermap button just called "membermap.gif"?



Ok, thanks. :) I will update it shortly, with the membermap button as well. A picture of a flag or something will do, I assume..?


Yeah that would be ok...

I want to replace all the default buttons with yours..
The colors go better with my new interface...


Just added a button-generator at

Cs.4ever || Murder

It is an enormous idea what you have made, he looks at the bellboys of my community like I have made them thanks to you, thank you.

Congratulations men,



Where do i get english button set (only) download for this theme?

Double T Teds ®™ 6028 Cartoon Characters (My SMF Forum)


Its just inside the theme archive in first post. English is always included.


Still cant find where you mean Bloc  All we can find is Theme downloads and none for button set only except german
Double T Teds ®™ 6028 Cartoon Characters (My SMF Forum)


::) That is what you need to use....just download the theme itself, open it and look in the folder called images\english. There are the button-set you seek.


Double T Teds ®™ 6028 Cartoon Characters (My SMF Forum)



Did you say there were a couple of buttons that did not come with the set?
Double T Teds ®™ 6028 Cartoon Characters (My SMF Forum)


Yes..because I use some special ones for the menu.

But I can make those "missing" in the same style and put them up here.


That would be very handy if you could Bloc.

Will these buttons work with the default smf forum?
Double T Teds ®™ 6028 Cartoon Characters (My SMF Forum)