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[theme] Juno (SMF v1.0.5 - 1.1RC2)

Started by bloc, October 27, 2004, 08:31:31 PM

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Thank you for some very constructive comments on the theme. :) I just replied a bit here...

- Juno does not use the logo field..rather, use the "topbar" window and use ANY html there, left- aligned etc. it will appear on top of the theme.

- about the could use some updating..however just texts on what the buttons/icons are could also be good. It should however show Cyrillic characters I think..since its just a "normal" font? Have to check more.

- "news" is just a graphic really, not a text that can be turned off. Providing a alternative image might be possible though - without the "news" text.

- spacing image? Do you mean the slightly longer right end of the main menu?

- edit area in messages share the same height as default theme really. You could easily change it by specifying "height: 150px;" on the actual textarea itself in Display.template.

- no, purple is..not optimal. Any suggestions...? :)

- Forum title linked..not a bad idea. I will add that.

- links already show a line when hovered..but could maybe use a diff.color to be more visible.

- Create new topic while reading topic is not present in default theme either..the way its done is to create new topic only when in messageindex. Thats more the way SMF works...and feels logical too. In a message view you reply, while in topics view, you start something. All subject to personal preference of course.


I can edit theme, that is not a problem. My sugestions were toward that I guess it is interesting for general usage for everyone.

I am looking to save some space on top of theme. Adding another header would be just wasting space. I am  actualy thinking to move maim nenu bar on top of top bar aligned right. It seems it would look nice and quite of space would be saved for showing forum contents.

By the way I found out another bug. When I turned of using buttons. Main menu showed up as text but link to collapse loged user info stayed as image. whole meny is also aligned to left instead of center. Does not look nice.

I guess button generator would work, if you set encoding to utf-8. Right now, there is no encoding set at all. Also, it is missing option to generate main menu butons.

I guessed if template can turn of news items on page according to forum settings, it is possible to do it in top bar too.

I guewss problematic bar spacer is one you are talking about, but it does not show within menu bar but as separate right of it. I tried on another computer, using the same IE and there menu looks right. Who knows, maybe mu IE went wierd a bit.

I guess, edit box height should be actualy option in forum settings. I will leave it as is to see if I can get used to it. :)

Try just a bit different gray or maybe light blue gray or orange gray for quotes. It actualy does not have to stand out from plain text too much.

Forum title linked to index page is actually requirement by usability standards. I was a bit surprised to find out that no SMF theme has that option, but leaves user to search for home button below.

Link does show underline when howered. That is okay, but again, usability standards require that link is visibly distingushed from plain text all the time. I think that even standard link colours would sit very well on your theme.

About create new topic. I agree, there are various opinions. However, I think this is the first forum I see that does not have post new topic everywhere. It is quite common that when one reads some post, gets an idea to start new topic.

It is actualy part of the most forums policy that users should keep different topics separated and do not post offtopic. Hiding post new topic button actualy encourages user to post as reply instead of new topic, since it is hardly that he will wait to read whole topic, close it and then start new topic. It is expected that user would like to post what is on his mind at one, as new topic. As you guess, am again talking from the usabilty point of view :)

As I said, my goal is to suggest you ideas. I will wait to see what you will accept and implement as default in your excellent theme, and then I will customize it to suit my forum needs.

Thank you for your time and will to help.


Transparency for Profile icon, shown in message view (profile_sm.gif) seems not correctly set.


Maybe strange question on this place but it is most direct from the source...

@Bloc (or other Juno-expert): I have made a mistake in editing the header-box, in Current Theme.
I placed some HTML and after this the whole forum is INVISIBLE!

I assume I have forgot an end-statement or something...

On the general forum we can not find the file to edit directly.

Can someone tell me which file contains this part???

The link to the forum:
Groet, Greetings, John

Fata Morgana Forum


Just open index.template and search for:        echo '<div style="text-align: center; padding-top: 5px;">'.$settings['topbar'].'</div>';

then temporary make it:       echo '<div style="text-align: center; padding-top: 5px;"><div>';

Go then into your admin - current theme settings and change the offending bit. :)


Yes! The forum works again in the right skin!
When I now go to the admin-current theme settings I can't change anything: the box is empty!
Does this mean I can start again or is just the original file (topbar?) invisible?
I am afraid when I change something in the empty box and activate again the topbar-settings the old corrupt data will be back again!

EDIT: I could not wait anymore...  ;)
Just edited the empty box and restored the right code and it works fine again!
Seems the old input of the box has been deleted with the removal of the code...?
Anyway: it is solved! Thanks again!!!
Groet, Greetings, John

Fata Morgana Forum


Maybe still ONE question:
After move of forum to other server I see a strange thing:

I mean of course the little part of the menu-bar on the right!
When I open the forum I don't see that, when I push 'home' even NOT, ONLY when I refresh the screen...
It is not a major mistake but on the old server I never saw that!

Also after move of the forum I got problems with some characters like: ë.
I got a ? instead... I have changed them mostly by hand but it is strange!
(characterset, etc. on both places is exactly the same!)
Groet, Greetings, John

Fata Morgana Forum


It sounds peculiar. I can't really see what is wrong...but have you just tried to un-install the theme and re-install it? It will then get a new "spot" in the theme-list on your forum, and might work better then.


Quote from: Bloc on February 11, 2006, 08:49:50 AM
It sounds peculiar. I can't really see what is wrong...but have you just tried to un-install the theme and re-install it? It will then get a new "spot" in the theme-list on your forum, and might work better then.

Because of the earlier mentioned problems after the move of the forum I have reinstalled it maybe 3 times...
1 time even removed all data completely and install smf again.

Well it's not too big problem... ;)
Since this problems I have installed a TESTforum too!
Much easier to try new things without effect on the real forum!
I will try some things when I have the time.
Groet, Greetings, John

Fata Morgana Forum


Still I have a problem and this one is bigger than the one above this.
The PREVIEW box is very small!
After I have completed typing a new message or answer and click on preview only one or two lines are visible and the rest must be scrolled with the scrollbar...  :o
In the original skin this is normal.
On the old server with Juno this also was ok.

Maybe you can give me the part of the script in which I can change the size of the preview-box?
Groet, Greetings, John

Fata Morgana Forum


Groet, Greetings, John

Fata Morgana Forum

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I didnt noticed it before...

There is a change in width between the messageindex.template.php and boardindex.template.php / display.template.php. Can this be solved. If i switch from categorie to topic you can see the template changing. It's like the margins or tablewidths are different.


That might be due to some elements requiring more space. I will see if the messgaindex template do not stretch fully out.



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Can this template be used in SMF 1.0.9. ?

Which version do I download from your post?

Thank you heaps



Yes it can. Themes made for 1.0.5/6/7/8 will work fine on 1.0.9.

Download the one that has no "11" in its name. :) ( 11 stands for v1.1)


the download link on the first page is offline, do you have another link?