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Can Newsletter's Reply Address Be Variable?

Started by mitchpowell, August 19, 2007, 07:45:16 PM

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Hi everyone, I hope I don't come off as too stupid; maybe some of my concepts about newsletters are all wrong; but here's what I thought I wanted to do:

In my password-protected forum just for us high school buddies, I wanted to enable members to send out a forum e-mail (or "newsletter", as it's called in the forum interface) to all the other members; and have that sender's reply address be the reply-to in the e-mail.

Does that make sense? The e-mail is coming from the SMTP server where the forum is installed, of course, but can't the "from" address and the "reply-to" address appear as that of the member's who sent it out? The e-mail address he used when he registered?

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