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2.0 Update Part 3

Started by Thantos, August 20, 2007, 10:20:11 PM

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because the upgrade script cannot add in the new functionalities for you in all themes.

what the script does is that it updates the language file indexes for you.  And then only those which are part of the SMF default, it can't update those which are not part of the theme itself, which would then of course not exist because you of course have to overwrite all of your files.

So it will not bring themes to work with 2.0.  It will do the heinous checking of the language indexes though and change those for you which still saves hours on hours of update work ;).
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I don't mean to hassle you guys at all, but I was wondering if you can confirm whether 2.0 will have OpenID support. Because if it will, I am going to be very, very pleased.



It'll have it but I'm not sure how wide the support will be.  For example I doubt it'll support https urls.  There is a lot that requires some hefty libraries to do properly.


Cool! Thanks very much. That shouldn't be a problem.


Amall query, Will SMF 2.0 Support the SAF-Multicolor theme ?


Unless the theme creator makes it SMF 2.0 compatible, the theme probably won't be 2.0 compatible.


The upgrader should be able to make the theme work with SMF2. You'll have to manually add in the new SMF2 features though if the author doesn't do any update.
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where can i download that

青山 素子

Quote from: on December 09, 2007, 10:03:42 PM
where can i download that

SMF 2.0 is currently a closed beta right now. Only charter members have access. Once we get some more bugs swatted and are comfortable that it works well it will be released to the public.
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