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January 25, 2022, 10:21:27 AM


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How to build a successful forum

Started by Noddegamra, August 23, 2007, 09:47:41 AM

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Hey i am lost here guys i want my own forum where i can invite peopleto join post information and so on  pls help guys  my email is bankydirect at hxxp:yahoo.com [nonactive]


This forum only provides the software for running a forum - if you want to start a forum you have to get a webhost then install the software.
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I agree with you, When starting a forum brand new is to make about 10 profiles yourself and
get posting. Adding a link to other forums, Make alternate profiles and competitions are good
techniques to build a successful forum.


Cool post, thanks a lot, really helped.


My forum enhances my main site - the main site draws about 5,000 visitors per day and they then join the forums to ask questions about the info that they read on the main site. If you want more visitors to your forums ... build a static html site with info that corresponds to your forum. SEO your main site to get referrals from search engines. My main site is the #1 link on Google for numerous home poker tournament search phrases (run a poker tournament, build a poker table, etc.).

Hold small giveaways on your forum. People love free stuff and the chance to win something. I give away decks of plastic playing cards ($20 value). People join my forums to register for the giveaways and then end up posting and becoming lifelong members. You gotta bribe 'em (giveaways) to make that first post.

If you have a modified theme and lots of mods, do not upgrade to a RC (Release Candidate), and then another RC, and then another RC. Wait for a Final Release and then upgrade one time - you don't have to always have the latest, greatest major upgrade.

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Hello ,

It is very helpful about what guidelines we must follow when we write in forum.

Thanks for suggesting us .



i literally laughed at this;

QuoteIt also requires a great amount of effort to have 20 or so conversations with yourself, trying to present different views and make it look good.

Nice guide, thank you.


Treat them well, they shall do the same t o you. Be nice to your community, hear their voices, give them what they want, so long my forum's loved by members cos i love them too, theyre part of my family.


wow such a nice idea

thank you so much bro


Forum posting is really challenging work in SEO.


I am glad to see some tips for starting a successful forum. I've been -trying- to get my own forum going from scratch and have been having one hell of a time dong it. It is so hard to attract members that actually post, rather than ones that make a post and you never hear from them again. I've implemented a mandatory participation of 1 post a week and a mandatory introductory post within 2 days of registration, to try and cut back on inactive members.

Great post, hopefully some of these tips will help Michael Jackson HeadQuarters actually grow :D


sometime it works, but not always. Just how and right or wrong the ways used.


I have learnt a lot from these tips and I hope to implement some as soon as possible and will eagerly awaith the results.



WOW newbie here for first post.... Im a mod on a forum with smf, and i am wanting to start my own site..I have everything already to go.. I have a host, url, store set up and all the click adds ready to go, just need to know the what and how to.....would anyone be interested in helping out a newbie here...



Thanks for the guide. Very useful.


sorry guy, i recently open a forum website imostateforum.com [nofollow]
however, the title bar still says MY COMMUNITY, pls how do i change that to my desire name ?

Thank you

pls email me



please open a thread in the proper support board.


Thanks guys,

This topic was extremely helpful! I've figured out basic rules of user engagement, now it is time for fine tuning.

Would you have a minute to review my forum? Here it is: hxxp:forum.therfblog.com [nonactive]
The forum is an extension of my blog about Russian fashion (in English).
I've been blessed with a large Russian followership on Twitter lately, and they don't seem to bother to read or write in English... So:

1. I've created one board for Russian-speaking visitors. Is it enough or should I open a whole different forum in Russian? I guess this board can confuse English-speaking visitors. And for Russians to see only one board allotted to them... they will think I don't respect them.
On the other hand, it would have been great if this forum became a cool place where people from all over the world could meet.
2. Do you think it makes sense to allow unregistered people to post, with a captcha? Only in the beginning.
3. My current topics are: Russian fashion/culture and fashion blogging. Do I need to expand to fashion in general?

Any other ideas will be hugely appreciated!