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How to build a successful forum

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Something that always disturbs me when I see a new forum is people making scores of empty forums for exceedingly specific topics that no one has an interest in posting in (least of all them) because no one has posted there.

New forums should be made when one topic overwhelms the general discussion, or is offending part of your membership (religion and politics, for example).  It takes a few minutes to move the relevant threads over, yes, but it's really no big deal.

I've recenlty added a 5 Free Online Marketing Tips guide to my blog which some of you may find useful. It suggests 5 free ways of promoting your forum/website :)

Why didnt you posted this before :(
My forum is going very good now :( Now I have no use of this guide ;'(

Man it is so refreshing to see some good advice on building a successful forum.  I've tried starting about 10 or so and I help moderate 2 or three, that was hard work.  But thank you for posting this, I think its time to go back a revist a few things.

Thanks, I'm glad some of you have found this post useful. I will post more stuff like this in the future :)


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