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Back in action ;).

Started by JayBachatero, August 24, 2007, 08:42:57 PM

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After taking a long break I'm back into action.  I've been working on a few things for SM recently.  Some are secrets that even some team members don't know about :P.  On the other hand the other thing that I have been working on are the converters.  I've been going around and providing support where needed.  I'll be releasing a few converters that have been asked for as well.  I'll take some time for me to do them since I start school next week and a new job as well.

There have been some improvements to the converter as well.  I've been working on adding CLI support (works like a charm ;)) and my favourite, selective conversion.  What is selective conversion?  Selective conversion means that now you will have the option to select what you want to convert.  If you just want members then you can do just that.  But keep in mind that if you are converting posts then you must convert topics and vice versa.  I'll be looking into adding some checks into this.  Hopefully this will benefit you guys converting :).

Well I think that's all for now.  I'll be releasing the converter once I'm able to fix the selective conversion.  Hopefully soon :).
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Glad you are back Jay.

I can't wait to see those new Converters you are working on. Very handy and intelligent indeed.
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I did notice your titlebar had changed from hiatus.

I also would like to welcome you back.



welcome back jay, im waiting to try these new converters :)


WB Mr. Jay.

You thought you had gotten away from SMF, didn't you? ;)

It's really good that you are back so we have someone to deal with converters and other little secret projects. ;)
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I was wondering when you'd make this thread after seeing you on the IRC :D