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Convert IPB 2.2.x (upgrade to 2.3) to SMF 1.1.3?

Started by JiGs013, August 25, 2007, 03:09:37 AM

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did anyone knows how to convert my IPB 2.2.x (upgraded to 2.3) now its IPB 2.3 convert it to SMF 1.1.3?

i already try download convert.php but link is not working..  :(

please help me..

thanks for advance.


Did you try the one for 2.2.x attached in the sticky in this board?
If you did and it didn't work Make a request in the Converter Requests board. You can find that sticky in the Converters and Importers board.
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Can I ask why you're interested in moving from IPB to SMF? The reason I ask is that more likely then not I'm going to be moving from SMF to IPB in a few weeks.


im also looking for a ipb 2.3.x to smf 1.1.3 convertor

i tried the 2.2.x and the conversion completed with no errors but there were problems:
the special access topics werent converted and the member groups were all messed up

apart from those 2 things, everything else seemed okay, although i didnt have the time to go through all topics and posts looking for errors.

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I'm also looking for this!
I tried using the 2.2.x converter, it converts most stuff but then I get an error.


where may I put the file convert.php to could convert the BD to SMF¿?
please... i need help..


Well it is designed so you can put it anywhere. But I suggest putting it in your SMF folder (where SSI.php and Settings.php are) as this way the path to SMF is correct and you just need to set the path from and the database password.
Jeremy D ~ Site Team / SMF Developer ~ GitHub Profile ~ Join us on IRC @ ~ Support the SMF Support team!


Ok, I'd been trying, but I couldn't convert it... I use IPB 2.3.5, and the SMF version is the 1.1.6, I downloaded the correct converter, but couldn'... when I think it had done the job (because say the process is finished) the SMF forum is as it was...
please help me... I think I'm doing all right..


Ok, the problem was. The SMF was on another DataBase than the IPB, and the converter could't access the DB of the IPB...
I just installed the SMF on the same database and all the job was done!
thanks anyway for your help... and sorry for the double post on the other topic...
I'm so happy!