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SQL syntax error in Post.php

Started by CapriSkye, November 01, 2004, 03:38:52 PM

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i think the error has something to do with the language, because i searched the board and nobody has this problem. the error is in Post.php and it's

SQL Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'joky', 'joky2@pchome.com.tw', 1099267648,
'', 1, 'Re: 我是還來測試許' at line 5
File: /home/smf/Sources/Post.php
Line: 1255

and another same one with clean install

SQL Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'joky', 'joky2@pchome.com.tw', 1099340863,
'', 1, 'bb 更新完後來試 許' at line 5
File: /home/smf/Sources/Post.php
Line: 1196

somebody please help, thanks!


Probably the MySQL on your/that server is too old.  You might also want to change the collation/character set settings in MySQL.

Edit: Does this happen if you post the same text with the English language file?  I would expect it not to (assuming the character set was still Latin1.)



i believe it has something to do with the server, it works on my forum, just one of my user's. and he has Apache 1.31 , PHP 4.3.6 , MySQL 3.23.58.

i just did some test home his forum, and it only show errors when trying to post '許功蓋', the three words i was talking about in earlier post, and same happened when choosing english on his forum.  but they work okay on my forum though. so maybe it's the server? thanks unknown.


MySQL 3.x did not support character sets as well as newer versions do (such as 4.x...)