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Main Menu and Security Issues

Started by joe123, September 08, 2007, 05:41:49 AM

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Is there a way to turn off    I think, correct me if I am wrong, that having it on is a security risk for any SMF site.


if you upload by yourself you can remove it.i will like to read your above claim about RISK for SMF sites.
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Well, having so much info available to the public is not good, I may be wrong.   What if a bug is found is mysql ver 1.2.3 and anyone can corrupt the db by doing x,yz. 
Knowing that you have mysql 1.2.3 through would give me the advantage of knowing that.


Can't you just delete your phpinfo file from your server then?

Or have the file password protected or load SSI.php in it and include an admin check for your SMF. ;)

If I am misunderstanding you, please correct me!
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Ok who ever told you it is a sec risk is a idiot. End of story.