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[Deprecated, use Aeva] YouTube BBCode v2.6

Started by Nao 尚, September 27, 2007, 05:51:05 PM

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1.7 - 7th December 2007
o Added support for YouTube Canada
For the full changelog for previous versions please see changelog.txt


Hi karlbenson

I get errors during uninstallation of 1.5 and 1.7 - smf 1.1.4 tells me that i do have error's in my Subs.php.
Installation works like a charm.

But i dont have any errors there  ::)
I checked the install.xml and reverted  those changes by hand - everything should have been fine.

I have no idea whats causes this.


By errors do you mean it tells you it won't uninstall, or do you mean errors in your error log (including if your usign daniel 15's error mod, it tells you there are errors ,but none can be found in your error log)


It just tells me that i am unable to uninstall the changes made in Subs.php.
In cases like that i upload any Mod to a Package-Parser and try to investigate - if this doesn't work - like with this 1.5/1.7, i'm looking into the install.xml for the needed changes.
But even reviewing it manually i don't see any errors - of course i am able to remove it manually, but everything seems alright in the XML.

For.ex.: I just install your YouTube-Mod - then after testing some posts i uninstall it and then there's that error, that the Uninstaller can't remove the changes made in Subs.php.
Just 10 Minutes ago the installer was able to add it correctly into the Subs.php - but uninstalling causes a Failure.
Even after removing it manually i could reinstall it without any error - just the uninstall part doesn't work.
I don't know how to describe it else . ..

Matthew Schenker

Quote from: karlbenson on October 31, 2007, 04:49:47 PM
If you want to use other video clip sites aswell. checkout my Auto Embed Video Clips mod.

I'm trying to organize the way my forum does videos, and I'm planning to use your modifications.  But I'm a little confused.

With the "Auto Embed" modification, is there any reason to also run the "YouTube BBCode" modification?  Doesn't the "Auto Embed" modification take care of all possible youtube videos?



If you've already got
bbcoded links on the forum (because you've had ANY youtube bbcode mod installed in the past) you may want to install this mod to take care of those links.

Any normal youtube links posted into your posts will get converted into youtube clips with my auto embed mod. But it won't convert any youtube bbcoded links.


I've just installed this mod onto my forum, but it never actually installed it. Yet when I try to remove it from the packages list, it says 'test failed' on all 3 actions. Should I just go on with it anyway or something else?


Did it say success on all the parts when you tried to install it (on the 'test screen').

Did it gives errors and you went ahead anyway?


It did say that weird enough..


try manually uninstalling using the package parser

If the edits aren't contained within your files, then it was never installed in the first place.


Quote from: karlbenson on January 04, 2008, 04:16:11 PM
try manually uninstalling using the package parser

If the edits aren't contained within your files, then it was never installed in the first place.
Thanks! turned out it wasn't installed, yet it still said it was in the packages list. but with that link, I manually added it all.

I bookmarked that site, it'll come in handy in the future for sure!


Upped 1.8

1.8 - 12th January 2008
o New improved readme
o Added Support for YouTube Russia & Taiwan
o Some other minor tweaks


Italian Translation Karl ;)
$txt['youtube'] = 'YouTube';
$txt['youtube_invalid'] = '#Link YouTube non valido#';
CrazyZone - My SMF Forum

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1.9 - 13th January 2008
o Added Italian/Italian-utf8 (Thanks to Edi67)


I have reuploaded this mod and screenshots for it.

I am in the process of doing it for ALL my other mods aswell.  Please bear with me.


2.0 - 22nd January 2008
o Added support for SMF 2.0 Beta 2
o Added <noembed> tags
o Tweaked the regex slightly
For the full changelog for previous versions please see changelog.txt


hello karlbenson,

your mod is really nice but i got one big buggin problem. the youtubelinks work fine but if someone posts a link starting with http:// the link completely dissapears. if link without http:// is posted, it works fine.  <- everything dissaperas u cant see no letters <- works fine

any idea what to do ?

i use the default theme and smf 1.1 rc3 german language

thanks a lot


are you sure this is with the youtube mod? or is it my auto embed video clips?


i have tried both of them, but after removing the packages the failure still exists :/


what other mods do you have installed?