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Started by Mat @ SWS, October 05, 2007, 05:26:58 AM

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Mat @ SWS

Quote from: Webby on April 21, 2004, 09:42:04 AM
Ghehehe, I was using these smilies for a while now, but wanted to make them a bit more "alive", so this is the result :

Hope you like them.....

Download here.......

Added these today :

Download here.......

Hope you like those christmas smilies too :)

I downloaded these yesterday and just uploaded em

The "embarrased" smilie doesnt work, and also the devil, and anything after that doesnt show! shouldnt there be an index file that comes with these? or do i edit something my self?

Also, on some forums i go on (including SMF ones), when you make a post, there will be, lets say, 20 smilies to pick from, and at the end of them there will be the option "more smilies". how do i get that?
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Mat @ SWS

Another small question, I've found loads of smilies I like (not part of a smiley set), how do I import smilies into a set?
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To add more smileys and/or message icons you need to goto AdminCP->Smiley and Message Icons.  You'll need to enable Enable customized smileys: and Enable customized message icons: if you want to customize message icons.

Then once you've set this you'll see the options Add Smiley, etc  You'll be able to set the smiley as post, popup or hidden.  Once you have smileys in the popup window it will show the [more] option for posts.
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It looks like the embarrased smiley has a typo... embarased most be embarrased otherwise it will not be detected as a standard smiley.

Mat @ SWS

cheers alien man :D

Rumbaar: cheers. i wondered how you get the other options up etc, didnt realise i had to enable custom smilies

cheers fellas
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This post is so exactly what I was looking for.
be Peace,
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