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Some things aren't working

Started by $hawn, September 06, 2007, 06:34:59 AM

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I can't remember what exactly is not working, but I was wodnering if i could get a support staff to come help me. Doesn't have to eb an offical 'devloper" or anything, just someone that could take a look at my admin panel, and stuff.
See when I go to post, the "Bold" text image is not their, it's all writting, and the like "users online" images are just text.

Can someone come have a look?



Yes, you expect a 15 year old to pay >__>
second, i thought it had been 24 hours, jesus christ.


Is this issue solved or do you still require assistance?

while i don't appreciate the comment on that, i'll move past that answer despite the inconsiderate nature of the prior post.

We do not expect anyone to pay with anything, the way you came across prevented you from getting an answer.

If you still require assistance, please post up exactly what the issue is, we cannot assist with issues if you can't tell us what they are.
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