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Topics Filter v3.0

Started by M-DVD, October 10, 2007, 06:57:55 PM

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Seems this mod would be compatible with 2.0.6 if it weren't for the install_2.php file on line 15 causing an error.

Table 'hzinfo_SMF.members' doesn't exist
File: /Packages/temp/install_2.php
Line: 15

Not a database expert so don't know entirely what exactly it's trying to do in the install file. But SMF.Members certainly doesn't seem right.

Anyone had any success?


It needs more serious changes than that to work properly going forward. And since the author has disappeared and not given permission for someone else to take it over, any changes will likely have to be done from scratch.
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It was last modified in 2009 and the owner hasn't been on since 2010. You all need to put a time limit on how long before the mod becomes available so that someone else can take it over.

This was one of my favorite mods and would love to see it updated. :)

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You know, it would be cool if you could filter by attachment


I tried to install this on my SMD 2.0.17 but got a database error:

Table 'web7.members' doesn't exist
File: /var/www/web7/htdocs/Packages/temp/install_2.php
Line: 15

Any advice? I assume in SMF 2.0.17 the coresponding table has been changed / renamed?

Thank you


No, this package is so old it predates the changes made in 2.0RC2/3 in 2009/10. Even if you fixed the installer it problably wouldn't install properly.
No good deed goes unpunished
All helpful urges should be circumvented


That is a pitty I feel it should be a core feature.