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Nao 尚:
You'll have to do this by yourself. Disabling these bits would mean that if a custom theme uses MessageIndex.php's or Recent.php's parsing to show previews, videos won't be shown in them.

I would actually recommend removing the call to parse_bbc() altogether if your theme isn't using these previews.

There won't be any censorship at all if people will keep their questions relevant and leave the stuff that requires moderation out. :)

I did not disable the parse_bbc altogether in case i change theme in the future, yet i believe this is something worth mentioning for themes not using previews as the cost is quite high. The increase in page processing was puzzling at first until i understood what was happening.

Back to testing SMG then  ;)

Just wanted to say thank you for this great Mod Nao!!

I just wanted to stop by and say I am sorry for my earlier posts. I was foolish for not digging deeper before I asked. I see why you are frustrated now after reflecting on some of the posts I dug through after and monitoring this topic. I like the fact there are not 252 pages to sift through and that the first post is more obvious. That being said this post doesn't need to be posted really as long as Nao sees it to keep down the clutter. 

Again I am sorry for my earlier posts. 


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