How does SMF count guests & members?

Started by sektor, October 27, 2007, 05:09:19 PM

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I recently added protection to my webserver.
Unfortunately all guets & members are connected to it via a proxy, so everyone has 1 ip address.

For some reason, SMF shows about 200 members online and only 1 guest only, when usualy there was 400 guest and 200 members online.

Any idea why this happens? is it because everyone has the same IP?



Maybe your protection has helped to decrease the amount of spam bots that have been hitting your site?

Or maybe all the search bots that were previously scanning your site can no longer get in.


I would also like to note, that it would be difficult to ban by ip since everyone has the same IP. So you could ban someone from their nickname, but they could very easily create another nickname.