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How to view new posts in topic ?

Started by shumar, October 19, 2007, 11:34:06 AM

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Is there any chance that new posts in topic have other color ??
I use Core theme in 1.1.4
I ask that because users in my forum usually click on topic name not on icon on right side. Also I have SEO4SMF and I'm not navigated on new post in topic...



You can change the colour of that image and upload and replace it.

Is that what you are wanting?


I'm quite sure they mean the actual display of the message inside the topic to have a different color from the already read message above the last 'new' message.
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I too am trying to work on this same feature shumar and have posted a request in the SMF Coding section for additional help but have run into two issue trying to get this to work.

1. There is no 'new post' indicator (or I don't know the trigger) of any new post after the first new post, so only the first message in a string of new posts is changed.

2. Every last message in a thread no mater if actually 'new' will be flagged as new for the quick jump too hyper link so would be always displayed as new if there was a more visual indicator.
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akabugeyes, thank you, but that is doesn't work for me. :(
For now I have only little picture new that present new message.
Here how my MessageIndex.template.php looking.

echo '
<tr ' . ($topic['new'] ? 'class="newpost"' : '') . '>
<td class="windowbg2" valign="middle" align="center" width="5%">
<img src="', $settings['images_url'], '/topic/', $topic['class'], '.gif" alt="" />
<td class="windowbg2" valign="middle" align="center" width="4%">
<img src="', $topic['first_post']['icon_url'], '" alt="" />
<td class="windowbg' , !empty($settings['seperate_sticky_lock']) && $topic['is_sticky'] ? '3' : '' , '" valign="middle" ', (!empty($topic['quick_mod']['remove']) ? 'id="topic_' . $topic['first_post']['id'] . '" onmouseout="mouse_on_div = 0;" onmouseover="mouse_on_div = 1;" ondblclick="modify_topic(\'' . $topic['id'] . '\', \'' . $topic['first_post']['id'] . '\', \'' . $context['session_id'] . '\');"' : ''), '>';

I added this too on my style.css:
/* Promena boje naslova novog posta */
.newpost a:link, .newpost a:visited
color: red;

But subjects of new messages are still blue. :(


I wish that subject of new post in thread be different color, not subject of thread in forum,


press CTL-F5 to do a hard refresh. The .css files usually get cached in your browser memory