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Package SDK, anyone?

Started by [Unknown], November 22, 2004, 03:26:37 AM

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Quote from: OvermindDL1 on December 23, 2004, 01:19:47 AM works perfectly for me, supports tar, gzip, zip, 7z, rar, ace, cab, etc... etc...

Yes, I like 7zip! (except for windows 7, the unzipper you don't need to get a license for...)

And I will look at this at home, I have always wanted to do a mod!

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Way to quote a 5 year old post, there...

Remember that all this tells you is how to put a mod together for the package manager, it won't teach you how to code in PHP to write that mod. (But that's what Coding Discussion is for, after all)


I just use a Java Mod Creator, lol.. no xml coding for me haha

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That's great until the mods get bigger and you need to do file includes. Or you want to split it into multiple files like I do.


I wont be making any "big" mods anytime soon lol..

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SMFMC was interesting and Sheepy did a good job with it, though I actually prefer the XML ModMaker and Packinfo Maker on Sleepy's site. I just wish he'd make the code public, Id love to put it on my site.  8)

In any case all are good learning tools but once you get the hang of it, its just as easy to do by hand IMHO.


QuoteI wont be making any "big" mods anytime soon lol..
Yes: it's simple to simply use your hands for small mods.
I done a whole lot of changes like this.

P.S. Theres changes are private, but I'm going to make some of them public in some time.


Interesting the way this has gone. I'm writing my biggest mod ever (and believe me, it's huge as mods go) but there is no way it could have been built by a package maker because it modifies so little of the actual SMF code and mostly adds its own.


Well, as far as the XML files go for mods, they are pretty much alot of copy/paste. Very simple once you get the basic syntax down.
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Thanks for these tutorials!


How long will it take before a MOD is aproved ????

It isn't realy a motivation when you don't hear anuthing for weeks.

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Rememeber that the SMF Team are all volunteers so aren't abliged to do anything. Wheras they always get to it sometime, they are still humans, so don't expect it instantly. Another thing to consider is that they have plenty of other mods pending approval aswell. Finally, smaller mods are generally quicker to get to, larger mods take longer.


In some cases though it's been *weeks* for even simple mods. See the comments from SlammedDime that I link above.


I've read that post ;) But the amazing use of the word "generally" comes in handy, as I used :P My other points still stand.


Can someone tell me where this 'test_modification.php' script can be found please?


Quote from: eattheword on April 20, 2010, 06:21:55 AM
Can someone tell me where this 'test_modification.php' script can be found please?

In the only attachment in the first post of this thread?


This is a very useful thread, I am looking for 'test_modification.php' script as well.



Seriously you like this thread but you didn't bother to actually LOOK AT THE ATTACHMENT IN THE FIRST POST?