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Anti-Bot: Are You Human/Bot?

Started by vbgamer45, October 31, 2007, 04:17:06 PM

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It really just doesn't work. You can select an answer, but it doesn't act upon it. If you answer yes, no, or unsure, it doesn't matter. It'll pass anyways.


Did you change the Register.template.php in your own theme?


Quote from: Kon-Tiki on November 22, 2008, 07:02:24 AM
I've got a small problem. I edited the register.template.php and Modifications.english.php file of my theme (the only theme my board uses), and fixed that closing quote that was mentioned earlier in this thread. Now it asks whether or not you're a bot, shows all options, but when I say "unsure", it simply ignores it and registers me anyways.



Got to admit that the support is really well here. Been waiting for days for an answer now, after this mod's been suggested to me...


I install it yesterday and i didn't have to edit the register.template. Even i have another template then the default. I only change the modifications.dutch.php in my own theme.

I try to understand where is your problem. I understand that it ignore the option "unsure".
The only thing i thing there is something wrong in the edit that you make in the register.template.php

Maybe you can set that file here what you change, otherwise i don't think i can help you and hope that someone else know the answer.


It's not just with "unsure", but with "yes" and "no" as well.

Code's in attachments. Should be exactly as the explanation says (except with the added ", as mentioned earlier in this thread, but didn't work before I added that, either)


Sweet mother of Jesus, this forum software has crappy support :( My problem's been ignored for 5 days already, after this mod was recommended to solve my problem!


Are You Human package.

Hi guys,

I got this message in my forum error log when I installed Are You Human package.

Quote2: gzclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource
    File: /mydomain/forum/Sources/Subs-Package.php
    Line: 2105

A 115 pages of the same error listing!!!

Any help?


Basically since the mod author of this mod has left SMF I would suggest both of you uninstall this mod and install the Antispam mod that has recently been released.  And Kon-Tiki, maybe do a little legwork on your own instead of insulting everyone and then still expecting support.


I've done all the legwork I can do with somebody else's work. It would be better to give a bit of support, instead of letting someone be overrun by spammers, suggest them to use a mod that doesn't work, then ignoring them for a week, and when they get frustrated, yell at them and tell them to figure it out themselves.


What I meant was, there is usually one way to skin a cat.  If one mod isn't working, look for others, antispam has been out for a while now.


Quote from: RustyBarnacle on November 28, 2008, 01:42:30 PM
What I meant was, there is usually one way to skin a cat.  If one mod isn't working, look for others, antispam has been out for a while now.

Thanks. I've uninstalled the "are you human?" mod and installed the question verification mod. Hope that works better.



Yep it should work okay.

Im adding this topic to my notify page, and will help out where I can.
Since I first found this mod, I have never received any spammers signing up.
I may just be one of the lucky ones.
Do NOT give admin and/or ftp details to just anybody, see if they are trust worthy first!!  Do your homework ;)


Nice mod!
I just started my forum, but I installed it anyway just to be safe when more people come.

My game forum


Here a quick and dirty translation to german.

$txt['are_you_human'] = 'Sind sie menschlich?';
$txt['are_you_human_desc'] = 'Eine Anti-Bot Massnahme';
$txt['are_you_human_no'] = 'Nein';
$txt['are_you_human_yes'] = 'Ja';
$txt['are_you_human_unsure'] = 'Unsicher';
$txt['are_you_bot_unsure'] = 'Bitte bestätigen Sie, dass Sie menschlich sind um mit der Registrierung fortzufahren';
$txt['are_you_bot_yes'] = 'Bots dürfen sich nicht registrieren! Bestätigen ihre Menschlichkeit um sich zu registrieren';


I am having a problem with this MOD.  In theory this MOD should install right, but for some reason it isn't passing the Register.php file.  I manually did the edit, and it gave me an error.  I have attached my file so that maybe somebody can help :D