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Forum Competitions

Started by Mat @ SWS, November 10, 2007, 11:00:27 AM

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Mat @ SWS

itThinking of startin a competition on monday to help increase interest, but not too sure what kind. I want to make it weekly, so need to be something that can be done quickly.

One forum I go on has a Sig Of The Week competition. Each week a theme is selected, and as long as your sig relates to that theme, pretty much anything goes.

For example, the latest was "Transformers", and this was my entry

Please post ideas for what competitions you'd like. And hopefully this may also help draw more people to the site!
(might also give away prizes lol)

BTW: First comp could possibly be designing a banner for SWS ;)

Other comps I enter are photoshop comps, where you edit cars, but they're monthly, and also my forum aint car related ;)

Ideas please
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