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[Accepted] Add tabindex to posting form HTML

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For those of us that are keyboard nuts, it's handy (and extremely easy) to add a bit of logical order to the posting forms with tabindex. I would suggest setting the subject input box to 1, the message box to 2, and the post button to 3.

Then you can write your subject, tab once to the message box, write your post, tab once to the post button, hit enter, and voila! ;)

Daniel D.:
I wrote that a few days ago... ::) Look for the subject.

My apologies. What topic was this in? I searched for "tabindex" and "form(s)" as well as scanning this board but came up empty.

I can't remember how to do this.. anyone mind reminding me?  I know it's just something in the HTML...


I guess with the new theme system you only need to add (tabindex="x") to each element  :-\


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