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Started by Bikken, November 21, 2007, 12:10:05 PM

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Quote from: youngspider on December 18, 2007, 04:13:59 PM
Sir Please Check Link i want to Change Color og this Area

That looks like a custom Display.template file. So you should ask this where you got that file.


hey i always try to figure out things myself without disturbing you all geeks but couldn't help this time.Actually, i just installed the outline theme after ferry temma.I have many questions.
1.) the shoutbox is not appearing.I use neneo shout box
So, added this code in the article
echo '
<br /><b>Shout Box</b><br /><br />
<div id="yshout">',$txt['yshout_loading'],'<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /></div>';

It worked in the ferry temma.But in the outline theme isn't appearing.I went to the official site.Got someone asking the same question "here"
he said that he was asked to add :
  // display shoutbox
  if (function_exists('sbox')) sbox();

function template_main()
global $context, $settings, $options, $txt, $scripturl, $modSettings;

I did the same, nothing happened.
Actually i am new to this do you edit these files? By my computer knowledge, i did the following, copied the boardindex.template.php from that theme on my desktop edited using word editor and uploaded back(replaced the original)

Secondly, some pictures don't work on this theme which used to work on ferry temma.
Like Mark all messages as read images, new image and some other image(i am finding those)

So, if someone will answer in simple computer knowledge and be as descriptive as i have been, i will really appreciate.

Looking forward.
Thank you
Nitish. :D


i downloaded it, then went to extract, it says error reading, i deleted downloaded again and it said error extracting. Any ideas ?

think the design is great


my forum have  theme- "outline" . My forum  have serbian Language.I change language, but, in navigation still stay  word  "search" . How i can change word "search"  to word "pretraga" ?
Thank you


Open up index.template file and find the "Search" button near the bottom of that file and replace your code with:

                    // How about the [search] button?
if ($context['allow_search'])
echo '<li><a' , $current_action=='search' ? ' class="current"' : '' , ' href="', $scripturl, '?action=search"><span>' , $txt[182] , '</span></a></li>';



It it possible to chance the width of the template? I want it a little smaller where it is category name and bigger there it is 'how many posts' and 'the newest post'.

One other thing. Is it possible to disable to collapse the categories?

Thank you all so much!


Thanks for this great theme!  I really love the colors.  I have a simple (for you all) question about how to link the logo to my main website.  I've searched for the logo.png text and can't find it.  I know this is something probably easy but please help if you have time! TIA


Quote from: laruezie on March 06, 2008, 01:07:11 PMThanks for this great theme!  I really love the colors.  I have a simple (for you all) question about how to link the logo to my main website.  I've searched for the logo.png text and can't find it.  I know this is something probably easy but please help if you have time! TIA

Hi, you can do that in index.template file. Find this line:
<a href="'.$scripturl.'" title=""><span id="logo">&nbsp;</span></a>';

and replace it with (change url to your liking):
<a href="" title=""><span id="logo">&nbsp;</span></a>';


Can some one give me specific code edits to install the ad management mod on this theme because I tried but it didn't work.


Try this post Pond_Hockey. Let me know if you need more help.


Alright thanks, and how do I remove and edit the Outline Logo.


There is a psd file available in downloads to edit the logo.

Just upload/replace your new logo in Outline/images/custom.   


Really nice! Someone do manage to theme SMF proper.

Birger :)


*Theme has been updated with a version for SMF 2.0b3


Got a question for you, Bikken. Friend of mine would like me to do her a pink version of Outline. Now I know it's cool to modify a theme for use on my own site, but in this case I'd be modding it for someone else (even though I'm a member there) and passing the files on to her.

Are you ok with this? I'm happy to leave the copyright as is.


Sure, go ahead antechinus.


Cool. Thanks for that. I'll post the result over at your place once I get it up to standard.


Ok, it's done and is posted at Bikken's place.  8)


I have it on [nonactive] and it's awesome (2.0 beta) . However I had to disable the wysiwyg editor overally as when I enable it and reply to any topic I get this text below the box to type

Quote', '70%', '150px', 0); editorHandlemessage.addButton('b', '', ''); editorHandlemessage.addButton('i', '', ''); editorHandlemessage.addButton('u', '', ''); editorHandlemessage.addButton('s', '', ''); editorHandlemessage.addButton('pre', '
', '
'); editorHandlemessage.addButton('left', '
', '
'); editorHandlemessage.addButton('center', '
', '
'); editorHandlemessage.addButton('right', '
', '
'); editorHandlemessage.addButton('flash', 'hxxp:',%20' [nonactive]'); editorHandlemessage.addButton('img', ''); editorHandlemessage.addButton('url', 'hxxp:',%20' [nonactive]'); editorHandlemessage.addButton('email', '', ''); editorHandlemessage.addButton('ftp', 'hxxp:',%20' [nonactive]'); editorHandlemessage.addButton('glow', '', ''); editorHandlemessage.addButton('shadow', '', ''); editorHandlemessage.addButton('move', '
', '
'); editorHandlemessage.addButton('sup', '', ''); editorHandlemessage.addButton('sub', '', ''); editorHandlemessage.addButton('tt', '', ''); editorHandlemessage.addButton('table', '
', '
\n'); editorHandlemessage.addButton('code', '
', ''); editorHandlemessage.addButton('quote', '
Quote', '
'); editorHandlemessage.addButton('list', '
    • ', '
'); editorHandlemessage.addButton('orderlist', '
  • ', '
\n[/list]'); editorHandlemessage.addButton('hr', '
', ''); editorHandlemessage.addButton('unformat', '', ''); editorHandlemessage.addButton('toggle', '', ''); editorHandlemessage.addSmiley(':mellow:', 'cool.gif', 'cool'); editorHandlemessage.addSmiley(':huh:', 'huh.gif', 'huh'); editorHandlemessage.addSmiley('^_^', 'cheesy.gif', 'cheesy'); editorHandlemessage.addSmiley(':lol:', 'cheesy.gif', 'cheesy'); editorHandlemessage.addSmiley('B)', 'cool.gif', 'cool'); editorHandlemessage.addSmiley(':rolleyes:', 'rolleyes.gif', 'rolleyes'); editorHandlemessage.addSmiley('-_-', 'smiley.gif', 'smiley'); editorHandlemessage.addSmiley('<_<', 'smiley.gif', 'smiley'); editorHandlemessage.addSmiley(':wub:', 'kiss.gif', 'kiss'); editorHandlemessage.addSmiley(':angry:', 'angry.gif', 'angry'); editorHandlemessage.addSmiley(':unsure:', 'huh.gif', 'huh'); editorHandlemessage.addSmiley(':wacko:', 'evil.gif', 'evil'); editorHandlemessage.addSmiley(':blink:', 'smiley.gif', 'smiley'); editorHandlemessage.addSmiley(':ph34r:', 'afro.gif', 'afro'); editorHandlemessage.addSelect('face'); editorHandlemessage.addSelect('size'); editorHandlemessage.addSelect('color'); editorHandlemessage.sFormID = 'postmodify'; smf_editorArray[smf_editorArray.length] = editorHandlemessage; // ]]>

Any idea or did I break something?