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Mod Links appear on different skins/themes

Started by $hawn, November 22, 2007, 04:22:49 PM

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At the moment, I'm not intending of adding any mods simply due to the fact, that their links only appear on the 'default' theme. Can someone give me a simple tut on how to get mod links(like shop,etc) to show on different skins(like aa new damage).

EDIT: Also, now when I try and install from a file or directory, I get an internal server error, whats wrong?
EDIT: I get an internal server error, if i try and install any package, or theme. I had the fatal error:Eval security problem, but I don't know how to ask my hosting account to disable it or whatever....


Mods are only installed to the default theme. You need to manually install mods to custom themes.

This may help:

So may this:
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I'm sure those will help, but can you help with my Server Errors.

I'm going to need someone to install the mods for me, I'm just not good enough to do that, and i'm a  bit lazy, thanks for the information though.


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Yes, i'm using the right path, so thats not working. I think it's my hosting account with this "Eval" security crap, but I don't know how to ask staff to fix this...


Is this issue solved or do you still require assistance?

If eva is getting you, you could shut it off.
Run This query In phpMyAdmin (What is phpMyAdmin?)
REPLACE INTO smf_settings VALUES ('disableTemplateEval', 1);
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