[Theme] Mercury (SMF v1.0.5 - 1.1RC2)

Started by bloc, October 25, 2004, 12:35:56 PM

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you Theme is really great. I wnat to change the Icons for one topic, where can I change them?
It means all the topics should have the same Icon only one of them should have a different Icon, is there a possibility to mkae this changes?




I am not sure I follow...the topic icons is something you change when making/editing a topic? The other icons is of course to show if the topic is a poll, locked etc.


happy new year .

Your theme is really interesting and cool.
I wonder if it was compatible with the RC2 ???
I'll try ...


Updated to work with SMF1.1RC2. See first post for download link.


Realy a great theme. Thx to the creator  8)


Me again. I have two questions.

1. How i can add something like ">>" at the Button of the Page, to go to the next page. So not only 1 2 [3] 4 but something like << < 1 2 [3] 4 > >>

2. How can i change the Font in the Header? (Titlename)


I love the theme, but I need to add an arcade button. I looked for where to add the code to add a button, and could not find it. How can another button be added to the top (where it lists "home" "help" "profile" etc)??


Look in index.templae.php under "template_menu". There all buttons are rendered. You can simply copy one of those and adjust the link and image name/path.


Great theme. I have the integrated chat function installed but when I load your theme I don't see the chat icon anymore. Is there a way I can put the chat icon. Thanks.


I think you need to modify BoardIndex.template for that. The chat is shown on forum frontpage right?


Thank you for this theme, nice work, it's my favourite. But, I want to see the title of the forum like a link. When you click the word you go to the home site on www.pupdd.com.ar Is it possible?

(Sorry for my poor English)
URL del foro: http://www.pupdd.com.ar/foro/
Theme usado: Mercury by  Bloc
Versión: SMF 1.1.11


I love the theme, and just installed it last night.

A question if I may

When a post is stickied, how do I make it so the background of the stick posts, in the list of posts, is slightly darker, so it is more visibly evident that it is sticky?