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Started by live627, December 05, 2007, 12:07:52 AM

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This mod enables you to stop users from double posting and bumping/spamming the topic.

It removes Quick Reply if a bump is not allowed, but does NOT remove the 'Reply' buttons, this is intentional and is set up to facilitate users receiving the error message, rather than asking (repeatedly) "Why can't I reply?"

Finally using hooks and no file edits for SMF 2!


Just thought I'd be the first to thank you for making this mod, and also say that it is an excellent addition!
Always looking to take on a web design/ programming job :], PM me if interested.


Thank you :).
I just made this based on a request Lol :P


Haha, yeah I remember reading that topic, I'm not sure if I posted something in there or not, but yeah my goal is to get as good at making packages as you and karlbenson :).
Always looking to take on a web design/ programming job :], PM me if interested.


Thank you!!
Mod is a very useful!

Translation in Italian:
// Double Post stopper strings
$txt['double_post_attempt'] = 'Mi spiace, non puoi fare post consecutivi, modifica il tuo messaggio precedente!';
$txt['permissionname_doublePost'] = 'Consenti doppio post';
$txt['permissionhelp_doublePost'] = 'Attivandolo permetterà loro di fare post consecutivi.';
$txt['doublePostAdmin_main'] = 'Tempo prima di poter creare un post consecutivo';
$txt['doublePostHelp'] = ' Tempo (in giorni). Un utente non è autorizzato a postare di continuo post consecutivi entro un determinato tempo limite.';
$txt['doublePostAdmin_sub'] = ' È impostato come in Giorni. Fare clic su "?" Se volete maggiori informazioni. Lasciare in bianco per impedire sempre i post consecutivi';
Italian SMF - Supporto Italiano per la board SMF - Ci trovate tutti li!! :)


Thank you :). I have added them to the package.


Thanks for the modification. I'm using it :)

in Turkish:

// Double Post stopper strings
$txt['double_post_attempt'] = 'Aynı konuya arka arkaya ikinci bir ileti göndermeye yetkiniz yok. Lütfen geri dönüp önceki iletinizi düzenleyiniz.';
$txt['permissionname_doublePost'] = 'Flood mesajlara izin ver';
$txt['permissionhelp_doublePost'] = 'Bunu seçerseniz flood mesajlara izin vermiş olursunuz.';
$txt['doublePostAdmin_main'] = 'Flood mesaj atabilmek için gereken süre';
$txt['doublePostHelp'] = 'Flood mesajların engelleneceği süre (gün olarak). Kullanıcı belirtilen zaman içinde ikinci bir mesajı gönderemez.';
$txt['doublePostAdmin_sub'] = 'Gün olarak belirlenir. Ayrıntılı bilgi için "?" tıklayınız. Flood mesajları sürekli engellemek istiyorsanız boş bırakınız.';


not sure if it was just me but through package manager i saw it click it and then tried to install it. it would not allow me to do that. i had to download it then upload it again.

otherwise good mod



Fantastic! There used to be  mod like this, but then it was stopped. Im glad there is a new one :) Great job!


Awesome works great.
Can i ask another mod here?
Ok, no choice :P
Can you do the same for karma system? Doesn't allow to karma the same post twice?!
Thanx. Great job.


I don't know that how does Karma Functions so I am not sure.

But thanks for complement.

@tüякмαѕtєя - I'll Add it as soon as I get my main computer fixed.

@aldo - Glad you liked it :)


I am using the ApolloBB theme.  I installed the mod and it works.
It looks normal Admin > Posts and Topics > Topic Settings
I have a ?   with a box or days.  Seem correct ;)

My Bug or My Eyesite is going.  I can not find any reference to Double post in the Admin Permissions by MemberGroup.

Can you tell me where to locate the Double Post in the Admin>Permissions sections?

PS.  I also notice that if you try to do an attachement and the board rejects the attachment because it is to large. Double Post will not let you Post even though the post was never completed.  Just thought you should know.


Admin > Permissions > <Group>, thats where it should be

And about your second concern, I don't get it? Are you telling that there is a problem there?


Well I am not crazy.  Ok, I went back and set the board to the default theme and double post shows up  under permissions->Permissionbymembergroup.  Under the heading Posts

If I set my board back to apolloBB then there is no box under the heading Posts.  Thus the problem has to be with the theme.  Any ideas what I would edit?

Regarding second concern.  It kinda of a problem, but I don't know if you can fix it.  I just thought you should know about it.  If you go to post something and lets say your attachment is to big thus the board restricts it.  When you go back and change say your attachement and try to post again Double Block blocks it.  It thinks the 1st post was successful when in reality it was not.  Thus the user now can't post at all.  Small problem and I have only had 1 person complain.
Thanks for the reply.


F r e n c h  t r a n s l a t i o n :

// Double Post stopper strings
$txt['double_post_attempt'] = 'Désolé, tu n\'es pas permis de double-poster. Revient en arrière et edit ton post.';
$txt['permissionname_doublePost'] = 'Peux double-poster';
$txt['permissionhelp_doublePost'] = 'En mettant cette option, l\'utilisateur va avoir la permission de poster deux fois d\'affilée.';
$txt['doublePostAdmin_main'] = 'Temps entre deux posts du même user.';
$txt['doublePostHelp'] = 'Temps ( en jours ) avant que le post ne soit considéré comme un essaie de monter son topic.';
$txt['doublePostAdmin_sub'] = 'Est mits en jours. Cliquez l\'iconne: <img src="images/helptopics.gif" /> pour plus d'infos. Laissez vide pour toujours permettre le double-posting.';

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Great, that is what I was looking for :)


Great mod - stops those pesky post-counters in their tracks!
Just one question, does putting 0.5 in the 'Time before the user is not allowed to double post' post+topics/settings field force the mod to use 12 hours rather than 1 day?
Thanks very much

Answered my own question with a small test: using a value of 0.1 days stops duplicate posting for 2 hours and 25 minutes which is exactly what I'm looking for!!!


Nice Mod
Nice work
Thank You
iam translate for pt she work Fine


I have two boards, one of them installed this mod with absolutely no problem and a new installation returns the following error:

Error in Package Installation
At least one error was encountered during a test installation of this package. It is strongly recommended that you do not continue with installation unless you know what you are doing, and have made a backup very recently. This error may be caused by a conflict between the package you're trying to install and another package you have already installed, an error in the package, a package which requires another package that you don't have installed yet, or a package designed for another version of SMF.

1.     Execute Code     install.php     
2.    Execute Modification    install.xml    Modification parse error
3.    Execute Modification    -    Modification parse error

Anyone got any ideas?
The new board is running 1.1.4 and the packages folder is CHMODed to 777