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Showing languages for easy guest/user selection.

Started by [Unknown], October 03, 2004, 11:40:21 PM

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Quote from: [Unknown] on August 26, 2005, 01:14:35 AM
Are you using subdomains?


no. I think we have ours working now. The problem we have is when you click on the link to the topic, it goes to the forum but under the  default language.


Hi Unknown  :D
I am sorry, I got it fixed already
Thanks ;D


Quote from: edi67 on May 31, 2005, 09:18:59 AM
thanx unknown i use your method and clicking in nation flags forum begin in selected language


Can someone give me the code, in what files to put it and tell where to put images? I am trying to make it look like this above but just can't make it.. idiot, I know..

Please help!


So, isnt there a way to automatically get th language list?
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I also need this solution ... so that I can place three languages or more ... like romanian dutch and english...

someone please I`m new at this !
But great forum btw  ;) much better than phbbb !

Cheers 2 all !



I am going through the old unsolved support topics. Have you tried the language dropdown modification available in the mods downloads section?

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I have installed italian language pack (utf8) together with default english language and I'm trying to use both languages independently

So, after reading this topic, I just  put a link directly to the two languages language like follows:

..and It worked great; the problem is that when you try to register with a new username, after received the activation link you are being redirected to the english page.
Is there a way to change the instructions in the automatic activation mail so to be redirected to the italian language page and not to the english one and viceversa?
Should I change a script command some way? and anybody knows if  there is a way to do it?
Thank you


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