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IMPORTANT: Large sessions table on Debian/Ubuntu Linux hosted forum?

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--- Quote ---Very nice tip! I hope this is php-version independent... i currently use PHP 5.0.25 with suoshin-package...
--- End quote ---
There is no PHP 5.0.25... I think you mean PHP 5.2.5? :)
It is version independant, I'm using the PHP packages from, but this also applies for the standard Debian PHP packages.

--- Quote ---Hopefully your Load.php hack works!
--- End quote ---
I didn't test it extensively, but it should work :)

Ahh I was wondering why my sessions table was 30mb in 1 week after clearing the table... Thanks. :)

I suppose this will do the same trick for SMF2.0b1?

Thanks for this tip. No wonder my sessions table was so huge :D Dou you put this patch to 1.1.5?

A Cronjob could be set up to empty it couldnt it?

Something like that:

--- Quote from: Last.Karrde on January 22, 2008, 08:19:06 PM ---A Cronjob could be set up to empty it couldnt it?

--- End quote ---

That's like putting air in you tire every day instead of fixing the leak.


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