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Recently we have seen alot of action in this section.  This has came to some concern so please can I urge you all to understand the following:

* A lot of these themes are found on the Theme Site and it would be beneficial if you could post questions etc for these theme on the Theme Site board
* A lot of the themes posted in this section are not compatible for the current stable of SMF.
* Some of the theme authors no longer frequent this forum, so please do not be angry if no support is given
With the Theme Site we take a lot of time going through the themes to make sure they will work on the forum.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate in asking.

Simple Machines

Thanks for the post. But which themes can one use as a new user of smf?

Themes that support your SMF version

RunicWarrior the Theme Site link is has a www. which doesn't needed :)  -> not -->

What is the theme I'm looking at?

Russell Cox

You mean the theme on this site? It is a theme exclusive here check out: for more information


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