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Greetings from the Lime Green 77' Gremlin.

Started by An-Old_User, January 01, 2008, 04:02:27 PM

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Greetings from the Lime Green 77' Gremlin.-Leaving Southern Cali & we're on the road again...

WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  Thantos and I got off to an early start. We left Sacramento 4:45am Sharp. It was a sweet ride to LA, but unfortunately, the Pacer didn't make it. As it turned out, SMF 2.0 proved a tad too much for it. Good news though, we were able to find an SMF fan in the LA area willing to loan us a Lime Green 77' Gremlin, provided that we take his call during chat with the team thingie. 

Thantos and I made a pit stop in So-Cal to visit SMF team member M-C.
We chatted over a cup of Joe and bribed the kinda lady at the coffee shop to snap a photo or 3 for the photo gallery. Aren't we sexy? Kidding... Back on the road again and I must say one thing "traffic sux yo!" The good news is, we're approximately half way there. That is, unless I can perfect my reverse psychology technique and convince Thantos to hit Vegas for an hour or two :D. [insert evil grin] Today is payday for me, so I'm all cashed up and ready for this trip and I DO feel lucky :D

(took a few days to get this up...sorry) :D



Well, at least by now we know that you made it to Tucson OK... ;)

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Quote from: anna.young on January 02, 2008, 02:35:40 PM
Well, at least by now we know that you made it to Tucson OK... ;)


Yeah thats good. We got a lot done... We also snapped a few pics :D
(none of the car(s) though, sorry)