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Started by Bulakbol, January 15, 2008, 09:45:48 PM

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Well, it was working for about a week, yet, I made a change to the index.css this afternoon

Topic: Increase size of font in a quote

And then, no more.   :(
See attached Screenshots that show it not functioning when posted, but functioning when looking at posts through profile. Weird

FYI: My custom theme failed as well, but I have someone experienced working on that.

NOTE: This is the downside of manual edits to files, those that come to help you don't know what has been done.
Doing it through a Mod, then the concept is listed in your list of installed mods.
Needed information:
- What's your SMF version?, What MODs are installed? What Theme(s) are you using? Have you backed up your database?

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Mods for ver 1.x will NOT run on ver 2.x