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PM to New Registered Users

Started by Midgard, December 17, 2004, 07:00:24 AM

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Well as I said it does show up in admin now, but it doesn't work. Registering the normal (user-like) way. Nada.


Bump - I verified my id as admin is 1, just like I entered in the box in adminpanel. The box has also bene checked and the message is filled out. Nothing happens.


maybe the part that should be in Register.php is not there.

Search for

// Admin gets informed here...
adminNotify('approval', $memberID, $_POST['user']);

and make sure that this:

if (!empty($modSettings['send_welcomeIM']))
// Set up the personal message arrays
$pmfrom = array(
'id' => $modSettings['welcomeIM_userid'],
'name' => $txt[248.5],
'username' => $txt[248.5]
$pmto = array(
'to' => array($memberID),
'bcc' => array()

// Send the actual PM
sendpm($pmto, $modSettings['welcomeIM_subject'], addslashes($modSettings['welcomeIM_body']), 0, $pmfrom);

is right after it. Where Aspiring Musicians Can Be HEARD!

J. S.

I need to do this:
When a user register he get a PM that says:
Hello username
Welcome to boardname. Befor posting please read the rules at url.
Thank you.


I can edit the regiser.php, I only need to know the code to add. Should I use /n for adding a space?



/n is for line breaks..<br /> should be used instead...
so youd put something like:

Hello '. $user_info['name'] . '<br />Welcome to ' . $context['forum_name'] . '. Before posting please read the rules at the url.<br />Signature.

J. S.

I did that to, now I am getting a parse error in the registration page.


@diplomat: thx but the Mod just doesn't seem to be working when using the Mambo bridge. Kirby any chance you'd be able to make this wonderful tweak available to Mambo-users worldwide?  :o


it should work with mambo :P

@JS, use this code:

// Set up the personal message arrays
$pmfrom = array(
'id' => 1
'name' => 'WelcomeMessage',
'username' => 'WelcomeMessage'
$pmto = array(
'to' => array($memberID),
'bcc' => array()

$subject = 'Hello username<br />
Welcome to boardname. Before posting please read the rules at url.<br />
Thank you.';

// Send the actual PM
sendpm($pmto, 'Welcome', subject, 0, $pmfrom);


Could someone make this a mod editable in the admin section?   ???  :)


the one i had on my package manager was, but its gone for the moment...




Is the mod going to be put up again? When I tried manually putting in the code, for some reason, it wouldn't let me. I always come up with an error on register.php



*would really love this mod to come back as well*
Angelus Ex Quo Nox


same here it would deffenatly be something i would add if u brought it back, cus i just cant get it to work when i view the registration page,..  :(


what version of SMF? 1.1 or 1.0.5?


Quote from: ??? on January 05, 2005, 04:07:30 PM
Just an FYI, please download the mod version of this. It is available at my package server (
404 error :-X

Thx for the new link ;)
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Anyone have this residing on their server.

Would like the package but it seems his package server has gone awol.