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Recent Downtime

Started by dschwab9, January 19, 2008, 02:02:07 AM

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Incredible people, your asking for releases when staff and tech admins been struggling hard to get this site back up for us.
It's really a shame and dissrespectfull to even start to ask in this topic where they try and give us info about what happend.

Thank you all people involved in the hard work done, I hope you didnt suffer to much so you can have some relaxed time ahead.
Thank you SMF team, you really deserv a big basket of cheese and wine  :)


Glad you'all are back online!   8)

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Thanks for giving us a quick explanation and for all the work you do.
At times like this, the value of a TEAM is obvious. Derek, Thanks for your exceptional dedication to SMF and we users.

I just LOVE SMF~!


Nice to see you back up guys, wouldnt say i was skiving but now your up i dont have an excuse not to carry on lmao


Quote from: Eugeniu on January 18, 2008, 06:46:12 PM
Ah, that sounds terrible :(. Not to mention buying a new server out of nowhere probably wasn't fun either...

Glad to see that SimpleMachines is back online :).

I actually already had another server that was intended to be an additional cluster node.


Sounds like a nightmare day, good job on getting it back up.
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Glad to see everything going again.. I just checked my Kane Krush theme, and it has lost it's files and thumbnail.. will try to reupload them. I think I saved them to disk somewhere.. cross your fingers  ;)
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Thanks everyone for all your hard work!!


I watched the downtime ever since it was the "Yay it works!" Apache message. I feel so emotional. *sniffles*


The "Yay it works" message was when I finally got up off the hard floor in the datacenter and went home to sit on the couch :D


lol and i bet you wished you drank and/or had a few beers at that point :P

nah, j/k
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I figured something was up as I had never seen the page's generation time on this site go above 3 seconds at the max. Yesterday, they were around sometimes a minute just to generate, well, there goes one fried server. Great to see SMF back.

Also, the only reason I'd ever really leave any forum I go to is because we canceled our DSL connection here, but that won't be anywhere near soon as Cable in my area is always down and laggy now. I guess paying for the 7Meg/768k DSL for $40 paid off :P


see I was enjoying not having to worry about what the next theme related question was gonna be ;)

only jesting i was pestering derek over a messenger :P

oddly ims till waiting fro replys
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Thanks for the update... and all the hard work...

I'm assuming that my inability to download mods is related to this downtime...?

Thanks to all!


Quote from: YCW_jkt on January 18, 2008, 08:09:25 PM
Thanks for the update... and all the hard work...

I'm assuming that my inability to download mods is related to this downtime...?

Thanks to all!

That is most likely due to the files being missing, contact the mod author and let them know to reupload their mods.

Edit, actually a better idea may be to wait a couple of days. Give the author time to reupload their mods.
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Good to see you back up and running again, and thanks for being so fast. :) 

BTW the board search here isn't working for me either just in case someone needs to know.


We are aware there is a problem with downloading many mods and themes. It is something we are working on. Please do not PM mod authors yet.

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thanks for all the hard work!