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Ameripapa Translit

Started by razdvatris, April 02, 2008, 08:21:19 PM

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Link to Mod

This mod adds a "Translit" button for Latin to Cyrillic characters conversion in posting form, personal message sending form. It works for selected/highlighted characters in the form, skipping web links and BBCode (english text in square brackets).
If you operate a forum with language that utilizes Cyrillic alphabet (Russian, Bulgarian or some others), this would be helpful for some of your guests and members to enter cyrillic texts. UTF-8 and Windows-1251 encodings are supported at the moment.
Send me a personal message at hxxp:ameripapa.com/ [nonactive] forum if you have a comment regarding this mod.

                        hxxp:ameripapa.com/ [nonactive]


Nice mod!
I made some changes to adapt the code tables for transliteration to Bulgarian. Attached please find them:


I have installed Translit on SMF 1.1.11. My forum works in Bulgarian language. No new button for translation appear. What can be the purpose? I see Translit in my Package Manager.
Thank you!