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Custom BB Code

Started by Anguz, November 12, 2004, 05:35:27 AM

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Dr. Jones

Is there going to be a 1.0.7 update for this mod?  I've tried hacking it to work with 1.0.7 but I can't seem to get it to work (the Faster Parsecode mod gave me trouble too, but I've finally got it installed now)... thanks!


can you please update it now for 1.1 RC2 or RC3


Quote from: Anguz on February 22, 2006, 12:36:00 AM
I won't update my mods for 1.1 until it reaches Final.

We have 1.1 Final  ;)


Will this mod be updated for the latest version, 1.1.1. Thank u


Latest is not 1.1.2 and now I'm eye-ing this mod. Looks great.


Lol... Latest is now 1.1.3, maybe I'm just not looking hard enough but I would love to find this mod ready to go somewhere....
Also if development does ever restart, I would like to see permissions for the bbcode (I fear it's too much to ask?) so that say, I can introduce a certain tag for registered members, and then create a second and more dangerous/powerful one for gmods? Then we could have:
"Only forum staff may post flash in the forums" for example, although flash isn't what i want it for. I want it because the handling of tables and lists in 1.1.3, and the handling of formatting opptions after say, line breaks and bullet points, makes me feel a bit uneasy in the stomach and it would take a very, very long time for gmods to do in bbcode what I can do with fairly safe html.

OH GEE WHIZ, I can't shut up. Too much alcohol. Just see for yourself what damage we managed to do with nothing other than the standard bbcode (with a modbreak tag at the end as a joke...):

http://www.sneakywhoami.com/smf/index.php/topic,37.0.html [nofollow]

Although I can see myself using malformed bbcode to create adspace above and beside forum posts.... Could be a sneaky revenue source...


@ Itdeta, babjusi, choloman05 and SneakyWho_am_i

Please consider using the following mod instead...active developer and works with current and recent versions of SMF.



TrueSatan, you are great as usual. Thanks bud.


It's a pleasure...and maybe we could put together a list of codes for it on SMF Helper...might be an idea don't you think?


I never have done this before. How do you add BBC codes in. I didn't know that was the case. Or is there an easy way to add BBC codes.

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Can any one give me some samples please



what commands do you put in and in what boxes so that I can add these options to my forms.

Tag Name
Tag type
Parse enclosed BBCode
Trim whitespace
Block level

The HTML used for the tag
<tag alt={option}>{content}</tag>

What information so I add in the labels above to create a BBC

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where to get updated version.


Didn't you read my post #147 above?


How can I make this so when someone puts [village]###|###[/village] it will search my village table for those numbers, the first 3 numbers in the X column and the last 3 in the Y column, then to get the village ID number and make the bbcode when clicked go to http://en4.tribalwars.net/staemme.php?&screen=info_village&id=insert village ID here.

When someone puts [player]player name[/player] it will search my player table for that name, then get the player ID number and make the bbcode when clicked go to http://en4.tribalwars.net/staemme.php?&screen=info_player&id=insert player ID here.

When someone puts [ally]player name[/ally] it will search my ally table for that name, then get the ally ID number and make the bbcode when clicked go to http://en4.tribalwars.net/staemme.php?&screen=info_ally&&id=insert ally ID here.


I have problem

when i start massage with custom BBCode i got error the message body was left empty

How fix?