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User incorectly converted
« on: February 15, 2008, 11:10:11 PM »
Soryy if this was already answered, but I'm not expert in databases and forum engines - having trouble looking for rith keywords :S

I've just converted yabb 2.2 to smf 1.1.4  and there was no problem, apart from one thing: just one user was incorrectly converted.
He apperas on memberlist, but he cannot login. Most of my members have different disply and user name, and so does this one.
The members list says that has about 25 posts, but when you go to check his profile and his posts, there are only five listed. His other posts are not listed, but they are present in the forum and displayed under his username, not under his display name. There his postst are defined as by "guest".

I've tried to change his posts (displayed with username) to change into those with display name, but smf does not permitt that (reserved name). I've unchecked all setting to reserve names, but still cannot change.

Any ideas?