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Better Quotes

Started by Justyne, February 07, 2015, 01:06:18 PM

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In my opinion, the way we do quotes could be improved.

I think everyone knows this scenario. You are replying to a lengthy post and want to say something as a direct reply to two or three specific sentences in that post. Either you end up manually inserting quote tags and copy and pasting stuff in or you insert the entire post as a quote multiple times and then edit out the bits you don't want in the quotes. Either way, it is kinda klutzy.

What I think would be pretty awesome is if you could highlight some text in a post you are replying to, and get the option to pop that into a quote with a single mouse-click. That way you get the posts to correctly link back to from where the quote was taken and it saves you all the annoying hassle with copy and paste.

I wouldn't be to fussed personally if it retained formatting of the quoted text. Guess that could be nice to have, but I don't feel is crucial for the use case.

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I use that mod and love it. Makes it so much easier to do what you described. It'll even copy highlighted smileys.
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Um, this was campaigning for it as a core feature. Gotta say, I kinda agree on this one. It's the one thing Discourse actually gets right.


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How come I missed that mod? :(
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This feature would actually come in handy to 99.99% of users.


What requested here, mostly added to SMF 2.1, not as pop-quote but as quickbutton. It would be nice to test it and let us know about the feature.