Started by Depreciated, October 10, 2010, 09:29:17 PM

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I use a free host, freezoka.net. I originally thought there were no forced ads. that's what I read when registering...
Testing Zone - SMF 2.0.7, default Curve
School & Chat - phpBB3, over 170 mods installed, official live forum

I use the latest version of Chrome

phpBB: Forum = a section; Board = whole site
SMF: Forum = whole site; Board = a section


Hi, this mod looks amazing. Please let me know whether this mod could help me - On the main website I have recent topics from all categories. Is it possible to paste there button NEW TOPIC, and than choose a category and write a new topic?

Biology Forums

Great mod... I changed it up a bit on my forum. Rather than using the button, I used text.


Can U say something about, how to enable this mod on others thames?
I use SilentWave, after install, I can see a inscription "New", but not a gif.

Grat mod btw. :)


I've installed without errors but I can't see the "new post" image. I'm using the default curve theme with spanish language.


any updates on this? or can someone share a new version for this? this is really a must mod for every forum - i think :)

merry christmas everyone!


Somebody have this mod installed? I need to see this in action.
I installed it myself, but don't see anything from this mod.