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SMF 1.0 Final

Started by [Unknown], December 29, 2004, 08:25:19 PM

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Quote from: ^Raven^ on December 30, 2004, 01:26:26 AM
HUZZAH! David, now you have the joy of upgrading all BN forums with SMF 1.0 Final. Great stuff. Huzzah again.

David!  It looks like someone has volunteered to help you ;)

Killer Possum

w00t!!! It's out, and people are happy :D Happy Early New Year ;)

computerdummy in an effort to keep things organized and for the fastest response, please use the support boards for your language (or any other board that is support specific for that matter). You will get a much faster reply :)


Hi Killer Possum,

I will do that

Greetings from Martin ( computerdummy )
Groetjes Martin....


Killer Possum

Quote from: computerdummy on December 30, 2004, 02:10:30 AM
Hi Killer Possum,

I already do that ( sorry you can removed here ).

Greetings from Martin ( computerdummy )

no worries :)


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excellent. my forum, SoCalAreaRiders is up and running on 1.0. for those who haven't upgraded, the process takes the board offline for, i mean this seriously, maybe 10 seconds. upload all your files and run the php file and you're upgraded instantaneously.


 :D   ;)

This is very nice!


thx 2 the dev-team! great job!
straight is great! ;)


Check your errorlog file ( admin functions )...

Greets martin
Groetjes Martin....




Joshua Dickerson

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I remember that I was looking for a forum to use in corporate support
I remember ending up with YabbSE
I remember finding out about SMF later on when looking for an update of YabbSE
I also remember signing up as charter member to get the latest beta (to use as a clan/guild forum)

Greate work guys! SMF is an amazing piece of software :) You should be proud of it!


Sorry for a dampener, but I cannot get the mod to 1.0 final.

OK, I'm running RC2 and in Admin, "1.0 Final released", browse "No updates available for RC1", wtf?. OK I'll get it myself, download the update tar.gz to my PC, upload - connection reset by server, upload - connection reset by server, upload - connection reset by server. OK I'll push it up, ftp'd into Packages (with the other tar.gz's) no problem, except the package isn't available to install.

Suggestions please........


*wipes a tear* Its finally here.....
Good job. and of course, the upgrade went smoothly...
I am, I saw, I programmed.



Congrats on the final release. :)

Looks good so far, all themes work, and by the look of the changelog - not much to change either...great! ;D


Finally 1.0 -- good job guys =)
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This is a GREAT DAY for the whole Community and especially to every member of the Developing Team.

I watched with a big cheesey grin last night as the forum copyright dropped the "Preview"  and proudly boasted


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18 months in the making,  thousands upon thousands of lines of code, countless hundreds of hours of dedication by the Team, more bottles of Valium then we could probably count.......

Team, thank YOU all for giving the world SMF.  Way to go ! 
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