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Started by TosTos, March 14, 2008, 02:37:23 PM

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Link to the theme

It is free to change the copyright if you inform me on the theme topic.
It is very colorful, and featured theme. It does not include copyrighted image. You can add extra button easiliy using the admin/current theme section. To translate it different languages, there are a few words to change in modification.language.php files.
It has a drop down menu owned by Drop Down Menu v2.01- Author: Dynamic Drive (
which is free to use.
It consists only index.template and settings.template. Hence, this will be a friend with many mods :)
Because my host has a slight server problem now, I can not give a demo adress now. Thanks fussilet for giving his testing forum to test the theme.
Ok, my serever problem has been solved.
Here is the demo:
User: deneme pass: 999999
Tema copyright ini kendinize gore degistirebilirsiniz, ama buraya mesaj atmaniz sarti ile.
Tema cok renkli, ozellikli sevebileceginiz bir temadir tahminimce. (Bazilari icin diye duzeltelim) Temada admin/kullandiginiz tema bolumu vasitasi ile resimlerde goruldugu gibi tus ekleyebilirsiniz. Temada dropdown menu bulunmaktadir, sahibinin adresi yukarda bulunmakta. Tema icin demo adresi suan veremiyorum cunku sitemin serverinda problem var. Fusilete test sitesini verdigi icin tesekkurler.
Tema sadece index.template ve settings.template den olusuyor, dolayisyla modlari yuklemesi cok kolay olacak.


very good  , nice theme my brother





nice theme very good my brother