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Admin forgotten Password

Started by zapiy, March 11, 2008, 01:44:36 PM

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I have made a mistake as rushed an install and for got to jot down the password that was created for the admin user. How can i correct this?


Click on the forgot password link and check your email. If you have another admin, you can ask them to reset the password for you.


I rushed the install and did not input an email.

My host has an autoinstall system hence my prob


Surprised it didn't require the email regardless.....

OK. Just register a new name for now. We will make this new account the administrator account so you can get in and reset the password for the other account.

Go into phpMyAdmin and click on your database. Then click on the SQL tab and copy paste the following code and run it:

UPDATE smf_members SET ID_GROUP = '1' WHERE memberName = 'yourusername';

Replace yourusername with the new account name you just created. That will make it one of the administrators now. You can go into the default administrator's profile and reset the password from there.


I dont have phpmyadmin installed. I looked at installing it but it looks a little difficult.


What does your host provide you with in terms of browsing the database tables? There should be a SQL section for you to run queries like the one I gave you above.

If this is just a new install, you can just delete it and create a new one if it makes it easier on your end.

The manual install it not very difficult. The hardest part for most users is probably the database. You just have to know a little on how to create a new database and assign a user to it.

If you are interested, here is a brief breakdown on the installation steps:

1. Download the Full Installer Package and save it to your computer.

2a. You can either extract the files to your computer now and upload them to your webhost or....

2b. Upload that full install zip file to your webhost and then in their control panel choose to extract the file contents.

3. Once that's done, you need to go into your database section and create a new database for the forum. Then create a new username and password in the database. Assign this new username to the database and give it full privileges. Make sure you remember the information entered here.

4. Go to your browser and now point it to (replace with your actual site and correct the path to the install.php if that's not where you installed it). Enter your forum and database information (you just did this earlier) and you should be on your way to using SMF shortly.


I have installed the phpmyadmin files but i am struggling with the config setup...


What part are you having problems with? Did you create the database already and assign a user to it with full privileges?


When i run the setup script i get an error concerning the config file...


MySQL said: 

#2002 - The server is not responding (or the local MySQL server's socket is not correctly configured)

sherpa サイバー侍

Is this your own self builded server or you are hosting your site with some hosting company?


Just sorted it.

Just reinstalled everything. did not wont to but it had to be done.

cheers for your advice...