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Started by viper58, October 26, 2007, 11:26:58 AM

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Jade Elizabeth

 Theme Settings - Core
Edit Theme
Modify the index template. (the main template)
Modify the style.css file. (colors, fonts, etc.)
Theme URLs and Configuration
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Theme Options and Preferences
Logo image URL:
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Favicon Must be 16x16 and either .ico, .gif or .png
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Number of recent posts to display on board index:
To disable the recent posts bar set this value to zero.
Use recent topics mode instead on board index
Will show recent topics instead of posts for members that haven't set up their preferences and for guests.
Show who is viewing the board index and posts
Select default smiley set for this theme
Show last modification date on modified posts
Show members list bar on board index?
Show current position in forum as link instead of text?
Show view profile button under post?
Enable and show 'Mark as Read' buttons?
Enable inline links

Enabling this will cause your current location to be drawn in a single line, as opposed to in a tree-like manner.
Enable SP1 style statistics on board index
Allow users to turn off word censoring?
Show BBC Buttons on Posting and PM Send Pages?
Enable collapsible additional post options
Enable News?
Show news fader on board index
Fading delay between items for the news fader
Show user avatars in message view
Show personal text in message view
Show latest member on board index

Show buttons as images instead of text
Show gender images in message view
Hide post group titles for grouped members?

Enabling this will not display a member's post group title on the message view if they are assigned to a non-post based group.

thats all the options. its not in the admin > current theme > reset options at all...ive looked many times before :(
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@Alundra, this thing has been explained to you at least half a dozen time only at this topic. If it  still isn''t clear, then please stop asking the same question over and over again and do a search as this thing has been asked and answered 1000 times


admin>current theme>reset options>reset options at all users for this theme(or something like that, i have it in spanish)>use quick reply>change>show activated

is one of the last options...
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Alundra, you're looking in the wrong place.

If you want to turn it on for yourself only, then go:

Profile > Look and Layout Preferences > Use quick reply on topic display > show, on by default

if you want to turn it on for everybody:

Admin > Themes and Layout > Reset Options > [THEME] > Reset default (guest) options for this theme > Use quick reply on topic display > show, on by default

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Jade Elizabeth

doh lol

thanks :D

im having a bad month. really slow and weird :(
ill come out of it

sorry :(
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Quote from: karlbenson on October 26, 2007, 11:50:47 AM
Quick reply is a per user setting via users profile settings.

But you turn it on for everyone via Admin > Current Theme > Reset Options > Reset Options for members using default theme.

Change the quick reply settings