Author Topic: How to import Data from 1.1.4 SMF Board  (Read 9860 times)

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Re: How to import Data from 1.1.4 SMF Board
« Reply #20 on: August 25, 2011, 06:12:41 AM »
Old topic, I know. But I was also trying to import old data into SMF 2.0, without doing an upgrade of the old board, and this might help others that experience the same issue as I had.

First installed SMF 2.0, replaced new database with the old database, copied the upgrade files and upgraded the old database to 2.0.

At first everything seemed to work fine (after resetting themes setting and such), but after a while I noticed some post titles, the full texts of these posts and their attachments were missing. Just as if the database was damaged. So I tried another backup run the upgrade script another time, and I did not notice any errors during the upgrade, but the same titles, texts and attachments were missing!  :o

I still had the old board running in another directory and I noticed the problem topics contained special characters. So I decided to convert the old database from ISO to UTF8, then again replaced the database of the new installation and upgraded again... Unfortunately this did not seem to help, the data again seemed damaged by the upgrade somehow.

Then I luckily got the idea to convert the database to UTF8 again, but now on the upgraded forum. And, magically, the missing post titles, texts and attachments all came back!  8) (So, apparently the data was not missing as I assumed, it was still there only not displayed)

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