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SMF 2.0 Demo

Started by smartmouse, March 18, 2008, 10:48:01 AM

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Can we see a demo of SMF 2.0?
I mean admin panel too...

Thank you.


why not to install it on your pc?i think its more faster and easy.try using easyphp...[apache/php/mysql/phpmyadmin] in one.after that you can install your own local board ONLY FOR YOUR PC.
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I have a couple of SMF demos set up (one on MySQL and the other on PostgreSQL), but will not be giving out admin access...

Why not just set up a 2.0 test board on your own server and try it there?
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Or install Wamp or XAMPP on your home computer. Either of those are alternatives to EasyPHP.
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Yeah I use xampplite personally.

You don't even install it, just extract from zip.
And delete the folder once you don't want it no more.

(better than all the junk which Apache2Traid left behind when i tried that)


If you're using OS X you can use MAMP.


Thank you... i will try...